Saturday, August 24 2019
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re-cecilia1Cecilia RE, of Fiammamonza, has been, for many years, one of the best young midfielder of the Italian Championship, so much to be called for a long time in the national team, first nell'Under 17 di Sbardella and lately nell'Under 19 di Corradini. Last June, in addition, at the Golden Girls was awarded as one of the players who most distinguished themselves in Group A of A2 series.
I asked Cecilia some questions, both sporting and personal, to make it better known to sportsmen who follow women's football:

1-) Hello Cecilia, you're still very young but I've been playing football for so many years, can you briefly tell us your football history? I started playing in the oratory team of my country, together with my classmates, until I grew up and I had to go and play in a team of girls. The closest to home was the Fiammamonza, being small I started from the youth and slowly I arrived in the first team, where I still play.

re-cecilia22-) The choice of playing in midfield was yours or was born in time, maybe even trying other roles? When I arrived in Monza I started to play from attack, but after a few games I tried to play in midfield and I immediately found myself at ease, so much so that I did not change anymore.

3-) Last year was a very good year for you and your team: a well deserved second place in the league, followed by the two final games, a win against South Tyrol and the other lost against Siena. For the non-registration of the Tuscan Company, the Fiamma was then admitted to the Serie A. Can you tell us about your emotions during the whole season and how would you rate your contribution to the team on a personal level? Last year was a special year for all of us, because no one would have expected such a championship and the unexpected results are those that gratify you more and more. Personally I tried to try and always try to convey my desire to do well and above all my belief to play for fun.

4-) Let's talk about National: when was your first call? And how do you live the relationship with your other companions and with the Mister? My first call was in September 2009 with the under 17, remember that we went to Ireland to play a double friendly against the Irish national team and that was my first game. At the moment I am part of Corradini's Under19 and every time the call for a retreat arrives, I feel really happy because with my friends and the staff a wonderful atmosphere has been created, in short I am like a family for me.

5-) The approach to the new season was not the best for the Flame. The Serie A is a remarkable leap for a very young team, even Turin and Lazio are living for this same reason your own problems, the struggle for salvation is therefore very uncertain, what is your thinking about it? Of course, the Serie A has nothing to do with the A2, so it is inevitable that a newly promoted and young team like ours or the Turin may have considerable difficulties. However, I am confident, the ranking also shows, for the moment, that in the lower part there are several teams with close scores and then we hope to be able to make a few more points to be able to get us out of the relegation zone.

6-) Two questions ... with quick answers: is there any player from Serie A who you think you look like or who inspires you for technical characteristics? Honestly I can not think of any player in Serie A that I can look like.
Give me the names of three Serie A midfielders, or even A2, who you particularly admire? I really admire Claudia Mauri, Alice Parisi and Martina Rosucci.


7-) What studies did you do or are you doing? How do you manage to combine the study with sport? I attend the fifth year high school scientific sports, reconciling the study with sport is not at all simple, often I stay awake until late to study or after training to study is not easy, however, to cultivate their passion and their dreams some sacrifices must also be made!

8-) Now some personal questions ...

The last two books read, do you have any author that you particularly like? the fu mattia pascal -vita and works by Estaban Cambiasso
The last film you saw and that particularly excited you? Mr and Mrs Smith
Which actor and movie actress do you prefer? Jonathan Rhys-Meyers and Angelina Jolie
The singers you love to listen to more often? Elisa and Celentano
And finally, your teammates want you to give a birthday to stay in one of these four countries (it will not be easy is ... ??? .. but give, never say never !!! ...)
You are United, Japan, Australia, Africa ..... what do you choose? Australia

Thanks Cecilia for your availability and sympathy. A great IN MOUTH FOR THE WOLF for your future both for private life and for your football activity.
I thank the Fiammamonza Company for their cooperation.

Mario Merati

Mario Merati
Author: Mario MeratiEmail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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