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Young, beautiful, strong. The future in his hands.

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Valentina Giacinti, class' 94. One of the most promising faces of the Italian football scene. Born and raised sportingly in female Atalanta, in that orobic land that has always given birth to great players, Valentina only 18 can fully be defined as a backbone of the Nerazzurri. In his seventh championship with the Goddess, he was the most prolific scorer between the Atalantine ranks and the third overall in group A of A2, with well 19 nets in 25 races played. For her you are opening the doors for the jump in a great team of the top league. But Valentina, is obviously not just a great player, but a beautiful girl who, although very young, shows a strong and secure character, worthy of a veteran.

How was the passion for football born?My passion for football has been handed down to me by my father, a great lover of this sport, who has always followed me and still follows me today. When I was a child when they gave me dolls the first thing I did was break his head and kick him ... from there they understood that I would be a player. I have to thank my family has always supported me in choosing this sport.

From the beginning to today, which teams have you played in? What were the best moments to date? I started playing at the age of 6 years in the enthratico, with the males, after which I was seen by the Atalanta and from there I did not change the team. I have been wearing the Nerazzurri shirt for seven years.

What can you say about your experiences with the national team? I think the national team is very important. It is an environment where you can grow both physically and mentally. It is not easy to keep the national rhythms but it is a real satisfaction to wear that shirt and fight against other girls of different nationalities. In the national team you can only grow and understand that what you do with your team is not enough, but to keep certain rhythms you have to train every day.

What are the strengths and weaknesses of Valentina, a player and Valentina off the pitch? Like a soccer player: let's say I never give up until the triple whistle; faults: I'm a bit 'wasteful at the door. Off the field I'm a simple girl. I attend a company outside the team, with whom I feel good. I have a friend I can always count on, we spend many hours together and it's a real support for me.

You are very young, but you have a great talent. Do you feel ready for the jump in a big of the series? I'm young, it's true, but I think I'm ready for the jump in Serie A and I hope to do it in the best way. Still the team with whom I will fight is unknown, but I am sure I will do my best. I hope to find space and to improve myself more every day, maybe making me help my mates with more experience.

Is there a particular player or player who inspired you in your career? One player I'm inspired by is Juventus Diego Milito, while among the women I really like the style of Panico and Sabatino.

You're Juventus, what do you think of the Scudetto and Del Piero's farewell? This Scudetto was wonderful and unique. So many tears for the captain Del Piero, Juventus flag and great man !! I'm sorry that his career at Juventus is over, but it will remain unforgettable for all the fans.

Rudy Trolli

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