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It was the end of May when the "Women's Football: I like it" competition was born. A clear message that launched by Mr. Luigi Magurno who, after two years spent with effort and passion in training the Giovanissime del Tradate team, wanted to involve the network's audience in a beautiful joint initiative. We are all constantly connected, connected with each other through social networks and tablets of all kinds. It is so simple and daily to give our approval to concepts, knowledge and photographs published online: just a like and let everyone know. This is the spirit that moves word of mouth "Women's Football: I like it".
Thanks to the collaboration with the magazine, which allowed the initiative to find a dedicated space, many photographs were sent from every part of Italy, received by the editorial staff and published online.

The invitation of Mr. Magurno was to send his shot with a sheet that reported the writing with the title of the competition. The invitation, open to all, has been very successful bouncing on the sports fields of many Italian cities such as Rome, Milan, Florence, Chieti and Lodi, to mention some of those that have seen players and coaches pose to participate. Not only the young women's teams but also the sporting athletes such as the great Javier Zanetti, Gianluca Pagliuca, Gigi Maifredi and Totò Schillaci, the commentator Bruno Longhi and the journalist Alberto Brandi, as well as the show's personalities Ilaria D 'friend and Ilary Blasi, the comedian Teo Mammucari, the well-known actor Enzo Salvi and the tv announcer Ilaria Moscato. The voice also came to the ears of the Radio 101.2 and Passion Football San Marino RTV broadcasters who sent their likes to the world of football in pink. There are only a few names listed here, the list continues to grow day by day to support the strong intent from which all this photographic buzz has started.
While the TV thrills us at the World Cup meetings held in Brazil, Gigi Magurno pushes to give visibility and support to a beautiful and satisfying discipline also on its female side that this year saw the National Under 17 win the third placed on the podium of the world championship held in Costa Rica last March. As the young Mister of Tradate emphasizes, we should be able to level the male and female registrations that arrive at the beginning of each year at the football schools and this can be encouraged through initiatives aimed at increasing interest and attention for the sports talent of the players.
A photographic word of mouth that does not stop and which you can still attend until the 31 August by sending a photo with a blank sheet with the words "Women's Football: I like it" at the address This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or through the Fb page In September the voting will open which will last the whole month, after which the three most appreciated shots of this 2014 edition will receive a prize. To get on the podium, however, will be women's football, its teams, the coaches who trained them today and those who will do it tomorrow with the wish for the future of so many satisfactions in pink.

Erica Sarno

Walter Pettinati
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