Sofia Vieira: "my mother a victim of violence had the courage to say enough"

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A direct testimony of the violence suffered by a woman arrived yesterday afternoon from the municipal library of Falconara, inside the Pergoli Center in Piazza Mazzini. To bring the story of life lived was the Portuguese soccer player Sofia Vieira, new acquisition of the City of Falconara: the young athlete, who joined the '150 minutes x 150 women' reading marathon, instead of reading a song to raise awareness against violence of gender has decided to tell the beatings of which remained victim Rosa

her mother, the climate of terror also suffered by her children, until the decision to leave the man who mistreated her to protect herself and her boys. An unexpected testimony that launched a strong message in the 'Basta!' Exhibition organized by the Municipality of Falconara against gender-based violence. The marathon opened at 15.30 yesterday, Friday 29 November, with the reading of Mayor Stefania Signorini, who chose a text by the criminologist Roberta Bruzzone, which was followed precisely by the intervention of Sofia Vieira. In the audience also the president of the City of Falconara Marco Bramucci, who wanted to record the player's testimony and published it on the company's Facebook page. "I remind you that this is a success story, in which a woman's courage has won over violence. But even this story could have had a victim: it is the responsibility of everyone to report and help those in need "concluded Vieira.
"Sofia's testimony was a very moving testimony - says Mayor Stefania Signorini - and I admired this girl's courage in speaking publicly about her story. He told us not only of violence, but also of the special bond that had been created between mother and children, which needed only a look to understand each other, up to the decision to leave after so many years the man who loved neither her nor the boys. Testimonials like this are capable of delivering a strong message and this was the goal of our review ».

Alessandra Pascucci
Press office

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