On Sunday, 18th September 2016
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Sport against violence against women: a new stage in the Gold Flames project

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The long journey of the prestigious project "The Sport against violence against Women ... to win together" continues, organized by GS Flames Gold-IAPS in collaboration with the Institutions, Bodies, Anti-Violence, Sports and Cultural Associations: after being present in the cities of Rome, Neptune, Aprilia, Latina and Civita Castellana (VT), Saturday 18 February was the turn of the city of Terni.
Sponsored by the Municipality of Terni and the CONI of Umbria, among the various bodies, the conference was held at the Hotel Michelangelo entitled "Mobbing, Straining, Stalking: Prevention, Strategies, Solutions", dedicated to the theme of violence on women also in relation to the world of sport.

Present at the conference, among the many guests, was Moreno Rosati, vice president CONI Umbria Region, which declared all the commitment dedicated to the cause: "The CONI, thanks to the protocol of understanding signed in the 2013 by the President Giovanni Malagò with the Minister of Sport, is at the forefront on this side, also aware that too many athletes in the adolescent age they abandon the sport activity, favoring therefore forms of isolation to the socialization. It is necessary a greater commitment on the part of all the persons in charge, starting with the Institutions, so that even women who work in the various sectors of sport no longer suffer violence and abuse from the "potentates" on duty ".

The weekend dedicated to the conference was then continued the next day, Sunday 19, with numerous commitments right on the playing fields: women of the women's Rugby teams -Umbria Girls Rugby, Montevirginio- were engaged in the Italian Cup race at the Terni city stadium, while the women's 5 football teams ASD Olympus Roma and SS Lazio have played the women's Serie A Elite Championship, taking the field together in a hug to support the project itself, to say all together "NO to gender violence".

Our Roberta Cappelluti, psychologist of Sport, was present at the conference representing calciodonne.it and took the opportunity to interview the leaders of the two companies and the newly elected president of 5 Football Division dr. Andrea Montemurro: "5 football is the sport that grows most in Italy, it is the most practiced sport with over 3 millions of members. The female is in great development and constantly increasing and far exceeds football." The president expressed his favorable opinion on the events that raise awareness among public opinion and institutions on the dramatic issue of violence against women, which unfortunately finds no end: "sport can do a lot to keep attention high, I support these initiatives and I want to participate in the first person ".

"To send a strong message to the institutions [against violence against women], sport can certainly do a lot, because sport has a great influence on what people think, for better or for worse," he said Renato Serafini, vice president of the Olympus; while Daniele D'Orto, coach of the same team, declared his willingness to remain to train the female team, to be appreciated for many aspects, but above all "I like how they apply, in a more professional manner".

It was also reiterated by the two Olympus members, as well as by Daniele Chilelli - President and Player of Lazio Calcio at 5 and coach of the female team -, it is the importance of having a sports psychologist within the staff of a company: from the youth sector up to the parents, both in the male and female divisions, the advantages brought by this figure are undeniable, especially in the case of players and players brought from this sport away from home, or from the country of origin: it is significant to have in your team a person with whom to talk about certain problems and feelings, to better enjoy the football experience.

Lucia Pirola
Author: Lucia PirolaWebsite: #Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
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