Saturday, 21 September 2019
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Conference in Latina: "Preventing violence against women through sport"

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The 17 December, in Latina, in the main hall of the scientific high school "Gb Grassi", was held the conference "Preventing violence against women through sport" which was also attended by the National ASI President Claudio Barbaro.
An important signal, in which all the participants joined together to shout "no to violence against women through sport". In addition to the speakers and exceptional guests, the athletes of the Latina Women's soccer, the sports associations Linea sport, as d. Taekwondo Borgo Hermada, the Krav Maga Italia Federation, Power's center, the lepine athletics, the Asd Effect Dance, asdshalom relax and many others.

During my speech I wanted to reiterate the concrete difficulties that sport must overcome in order to become one of the main tools for supporting women in our society. Unfortunately, in fact, this is not always possible. From the legislative point of view there are several obstacles that must be overcome and that I mentioned during the conference: first of all that of the Law 23 March 1981 number 91 which regulates the rules governing relations between companies and professional sportsmen, valid only for male athletes. Secondly, I introduced the issue of psychological difficulties encountered by adolescent and post-adolescent women engaged in purely "masculine" sporting activities. In fact, longitudinal studies have shown that girls and women with a more androgynous body, are able to get more results in this type of sport: boxing, boxing, football or basketball.

Growing up, to prevent body development from affecting their sports results, these girls take bulimic and anorexic food behaviors to delay their body changes and growth to maintain an adolescent body. It is necessary to try to fight this type of harmful behavior by following these girls throughout their journey and providing them with institutional and psychological support.

Finally, introduced by Anna Silvia Angelini, the touching speech by the writer Barbara Balestrieri, who in her book "can not be remembered"The girl who did not see her rainbow"And during the event, he told the life of Geneva, a woman whose life was marked by abuse both physically and psychologically, which brought her from anger and tears, to a tunnel of endless anorexia.

Against all this, the world of sport must remain united and make its presence felt, to become a point of reference for young athletes who are the pride of our country and I will continue to work in this direction.

Roberta Cappelluti

roberta cappelluti
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Dott.ssa Roberta Cappelluti - Clinical and Sports Psychologist + 39.3490095906 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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