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"women's football is a great product"

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doris_fitschen"No, when I started in 2001 it was not easy at all," he says Doris Fitschen. The former national of Germany, who recently left her position as Marketing Manager in the local committee for the organization of the FIFA FIFA World Cup 2011 to become team manager of the German National team, if she intends to market, even if she herself admits some difficulties at the beginning there was. "What exactly is there for women's football to be launched on the market?" This was a question that he often had to deal with.

Thank God, the situation has since improved. The triumph of female Germany at the 2003 World Cup has not only helped to increase awareness and acceptance of women's football in general, but has also amplified the marketability of this sport in the world. All of a sudden, hundreds of doors opened when people began to contemplate the potential of the female side of the game.

Fitschen has accumulated a lot of her experience during the negotiations with the business world, coming to understand the philosophy behind the scenes of the companies, and the most complicated aspects of the market. And it was not a problem that the leaders in question were men: the important thing was that at the helm there were people who understood football.

"Football, women, and the positive emotions that come from this sport contribute to creating a very interesting product," explains Fitschen. Anyone who regularly attends the women's world championships can only agree. The popularity of women's football depends on the quality of the event, and the involvement of girls and women is the key to its success. That said, the road to be followed in terms of marketing for women in the Bundesliga is still long.

One of the main concerns is the lack of media coverage. Televisions rarely venture beyond the national women's games. Fitschen hopes that the FIFA 2011 Women's World Cup "will lead to a growing interest from the press and the media". In this way, the importance of women's football in the market could also grow, bringing new funding.

After winning the world championship twice, in the 2003 and 2007, the German women's team aims to defend their title on the home ground in the 2011. To ensure that women's football continues to thrive, we need to offer a great product, says the former national, one of the most titled players of the last period, and is convinced: "A great product is just what we have."

article translated by Chiara Paganini
News 2011 Journal Germany 2011

Walter Pettinati
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