Monday, August 19 2019
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Silence ... falls asleep ..

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genta roberto_thumb_medium150_212The project "Trentino Maddalene" which will be born next year, brought me back to the Trentino camps to see the level of our regional championship with the aim of understanding the evolution that in recent years has been in the lower categories.
I was struck by the good athletic training put in place by the girls, the resistance and the ability to manage the 90 minutes. The individual technique on the whole is better than before, even if the collective is sincerely absent and I have not noticed logical schemes of play, but only the attempt to reach the opponent's door randomly.

Casual play is a child of the lack of collective technique and collective technique can not exist without good individual technique.
The thing that struck me most in the games was the silent silence during the competition, a very strange feeling, a play without sound stimuli that made everything very flat and boring.
Football, I think it is made of communication, indications and suggestions that often serve to make an action read quickly and the sound stimulation certainly manages to increase the competitive edge.
Zone play is applied discreetly by some formations, while others, in addition to not having a reference form and leave the development of an action to chance, completely ignore the basic concepts of this sport.
The reaction times in the context of a negative transition are very long and often there is no real defensive countermove, but only one tries to buffer the problem with the available means and often with a lot of improvisation.
Even during the construction of the game, the problems are obvious, and in fact the receiver almost never has clear what is happening around him and the decision on his passage is made after receiving the ball and after photographing the surrounding areas.
All the issues raised are in my opinion resolvable without great effort and for this I think the situation is so bad.
If we worked more on game times, on the reading of the situation, on transitions and on basic collective movements, I think the level could be significantly improved.
In the evenings I did on the fields I noticed that many formations have a rhythm on unacceptable exercises and simply by increasing this parameter you could get huge results.

Author: gentaWebsite: www.tecnoprogress.itEmail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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