On Sunday, 18th September 2016
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The point of ... Roberto Genta

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genta robertoThe economic crisis has hit many sectors of our nation and even women's football has suffered from this difficult moment.
Many companies have not registered, have changed the morphology of the championships and the mixture that has resulted in a lowering of the level of national women's football.
Probably the series A is the category that has suffered less from these distortions, in fact the league is all in all fairly homogeneous and without particular differences between the various teams.

With the disappearance of the B series the A2 has become a hybrid championship, very different from that of the past few years, some companies that the year before played in the series C regional championships have found themselves a step away from the top flight.
This situation has certainly generated a leveling down even in the strongest formations, which on Sunday are faced with modest teams with much less technical-tactical preparation.
If the A2 was to serve to approach the national "professional" championship, now this concept is certainly less and the jump, already difficult in the past, will probably be even heavier.
The A2 championship has always been that preparatory limbo towards real women's football, the right transition that companies needed to organize their structure and formations to change the mentality related to commitment and a different vision (technical-tactical) of the football played.
Now the series B has disappeared, even if perhaps it would be more correct to say that the A2 series has disappeared, this mechanism may no longer work properly and the great work done in these years will be thwarted.
The blame is certainly to be attributed to the crisis, but I think this difficult period must be lived with great attention to the future, to prevent the current situation from destabilizing this sport even more.
Personally, I think that in order to increase the level we must use a pyramid system, where the smaller leagues can offer a very high number of formations, but, at the approach of the summit (league of series A) the selection should be very strict. An A2 series with 53 teams with almost inter-regional championships, I do not think they are the right way to make us grow.
I am aware that this situation is a child of the crisis, but at the same time I believe that solutions should be found to prevent this difficult period from affecting already badly ill women's football.

Roberto Genta

Author: gentaWebsite: www.tecnoprogress.itEmail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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Journalist registered with the Court of Florence, n. 6032 of 15 September 2016, with director Giancarlo Padovan owned by Pettinati Editore.


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