Tuesday, September 17 2019
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Men and women together!

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genta_4254_thumb_other150_204It will be a dream, but women's football as I understand it should have a professional connotation, the formations of series AB and C (male) should be obliged to have a female training (with low costs) and in this way would be resolved several organizational, logistical and above all economic problems.
Imagine an Inter or a Milan with your own women's training which could take advantage of a first level staff, take advantage of unique medical and motor recovery facilities, have an organized secretariat and logistics.

The cost to a male company for an operation of this kind would be zero, but for women's football would be a fundamental launch that would immediately give important results and certainly ensure longevity to our formations. that advertises the enrollment for girls and girls to their training ... I think there would be a row and consequently also the problem concerning the low number of girls who practice this sport would be solved.

Imagine from the media point of view what scenarios could be created and what synergies could be achieved. There will be a thousand reasons why this has not been done and ignoring the problems related to this possible scenario I leave to the policy the task of finding similar solutions or apply the principle indicated by me.
I am convinced that male football does not positively see this possible synergy and it would be interesting to understand the motivations ... it will be and maybe it will remain a dream, but I believe that if sport policy does not intervene energetically to structure and organize this movement, it is difficult for us movement alone will succeed in producing something highly professional.

The proposed solution could be seen as a sort of failure for women's football, which only seems not to be able to take off, but in the business logic it often happens that the big absorbs the child giving him new tools to continue to survive.
In front of 2 opposite scenarios you will have to opt for a choice that probably will not be right or wrong, but may turn out to be the least worst. I am also wondering if women's societies see this option interesting or if instead the real interest consists in remaining anonymous and continuing a difficult battle, not credible and destined to be lost.

Roberto Genta

Author: gentaWebsite: www.tecnoprogress.itEmail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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