On Sunday, 18th September 2016
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Running without knowing how to walk ...

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genta_4254_thumb_other150_204Many technicians are accused of not being able to make a team play at an acceptable level, with patterns, specific tactics and modules suitable for training. We are told that the tactical part is not taken care of and the development of the game is often limited to verticalizations and basic schemes.
I've been hearing these discussions for years, but every time I ask myself the same question ... but who does this criticism know women's football? Unfortunately, many of these criticisms are made from within our world ... from girls and often from presidents of the same companies.

To make tactics you need the individual technique and the collective one, but are we sure that our players have in their baggage these 2 elements? Are we aware that in our teams seeing an action with more than 5 consecutive passes is a difficult undertaking? .

The technicians who work in women's football have understood this problem and also in the last stage of Coverciano the colleague Bertolini raised the question asking that the update program be focused on the possession of the ball.

The individual technique and the collective one, even though they seem to have been overtaken by those who are involved in national championships, perhaps should be brushed off and used as a means to develop the much-invoked collective tactics.

How is it possible to do tactics when the basics of technique are lacking? It would be like asking a child who has not yet learned to walk to do a run ..

The youth sectors and regional formations normally (I am generalizing) have a very low profile technical staff, with technicians who are often willing parents who take on the task of training a training. This situation generates a huge problem, because the technical deficiency we find in the national championships is often the result of improper and improvised youth preparation.

If we want to increase the level of our football we need trained technicians who follow the youth sectors and that teach individual and collective technique.

In addition to consolidating the concept of ball possession, the girls who leave the youth sectors should find coaches able to give indications on the modules, on the zone game, on the active and negative transitions, on the possession and non-possession phase and on all that is called game tactics.

Very often (regional championships and in some cases also in series B) technicians who should give guidance on the concepts just described do not have the appropriate knowledge and the general level as well as not increase is to be enriched with wrong teachings that we then find in personal baggage of athletes who are engaged in higher level formations.

In the national championships (A2 and A) the level of coaches has risen a lot (in recent years) thanks to the many courses that the division organizes in collaboration with the association coaches (other meetings are planned with the aim of increasing knowledge technical-tactics of the various technicians).

But as seen, the problem must be managed at the beginning with high-level football schools that are able to close the technical tactical gap that slows down the growth of our sport. They keep coaches in series D, C and B that are up to the situation in able to prepare players that can be quickly inserted into national settings.

Author: gentaWebsite: www.tecnoprogress.itEmail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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