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The strength of the mind or doping?

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genta_4254Is it possible to win a game or a championship having a mediocre education? is it possible that the mind can be the true doping in sports performance? is it credible that a player can change from one game to another only because he mentally unloaded and not motivated?
How much can a player improve if mentally trained? And how much can the performance of a player gain if he is strongly trained from a physical and tactical point of view? The questions I have asked are aimed at verifying how much the mind can influence performance (especially in women's football) and until this is possible.

Discussing this topic is certainly complex and for this reason I have chosen the formula for questions where everyone can give their opinions and of course their own experiences.

Personally I believe in the strength of the mind and I am convinced that in tactically and technically less trained formations this element can be decisive for the result. We have witnessed in this championship a substitution in the running of coaches in troubled formations and we immediately noticed sensible improvements.

The question that arises spontaneously is whether the substitution of the coach has been decisive for the inability of the exonerated trainer or if the simple change in situ has caused a radical change in the formation.

This aspect is very interesting because it proposes us if including a way to solve the problems of ranking a training, but of course we must then understand this situation as miraculously miraculous as it can last and if it has actually produced lasting results or simply generated fire of straw.

Certainly it can be said that in many cases the change mister generates positivity, but just as often the magic potion has a short life and for this reason the final result may not be decisive.

At this point we must objectively affirm that the potion exists and that the only problem is the duration and that is why it is important to understand the recipe.

The best recipe I found in years of female football is called "mind" and the potion I do not think should be given in a single solution, but diluted over time. The ingredients are as follows: "self-esteem, determination, the desire to win, the desire to demonstrate and the desire to compete."

In all the fundamental recipes it is the ingredient that can mix everything and this too has a name "group".

I believe, in conclusion, that even less prepared formations can compete with the big ones using a devastating weapon that can make little David stronger than the Goliath soldier.

Of course the "mind" can not be the only weapon that a formation has to face the opponent, but of course this element can make the difference and if snubbed a clearly inferior formation from the technical-tactical-athletic point of view, has few, if not null chance to win ...

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