Friday, February 28 2020
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We do not contest this choice ... National "World Champion"

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genta robertoThe communication relating to the appointment of the new technical commissioner for the women's national team, did not surprise me much, in fact, it was years that I expected that there was from the Club Italia, a sensitive exploitation of our movement. With the appointment of Antonio Cabrini, I think I start a new course for women's football, in fact, never before had it so far been aimed at.
A world champion in charge of our national team, I believe that it is a real recognition to our movement and I do not sincerely understand the criticisms or the positions taken towards this decision.
Finally, even in Italy, the importance of developing this sport has been understood with important actions like this, which will help us to give credibility and find space on televisions and newspapers.
A sport like a company, lives if it is recognized and advertised, dies, or has no growth if it remains in its own limbo. This concept is at the basis of marketing and today we have a unique opportunity that we must absolutely exploit.

Certainly the proposal to entrust Milena Bertolini with the leadership of the national team, would have been from the technical point of view, an excellent possibility, but probably, to eliminate problems, errors or historical situations inherent in the movement, there was an external need , without prejudices and settings acquired and consolidated over time, could work with the free mind, trying to give a more sporty connotation that "psychological".
Soccer is football and teaching movements, strategies, moves and countermoves is typical of a coach and it does not matter if he did his job in men's or women's football.
The coaching courses, are the same for both men and women, in fact, a woman can train a male training without problems and in front of posts that say that women's football should be trained only by women, I am perplexed and unfortunately once again I see the desire to want to keep everything within a "own world".
Women's football must look ahead and think that different experiences can bring new lymph and new stimuli, new people who have lived all kinds of experiences in sport and who can bring their experience into a world that unfortunately often wants to remain closed in itself.
Milena Bertolini in my opinion is the best coach of women's football, prepared, capable and tactically very strong and for this I think he should work within a club, where his experience could daily grow a group.
I also want to say goodbye to my friend Pietro Ghedin who, despite having had many complaints, is convinced that he has done some very positive things and I want to wish him to achieve the maximum results with the Malta national team.

Roberto Genta

Author: gentaWebsite: www.tecnoprogress.itEmail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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