Tuesday, May 26 2020
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Athletic Preparation

Lector, Bonocore's software for Del Piero!

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lector_bonocoreHe is thirty-seven years old but he does not show them, indeed, in the past championship he was the player with the highest percentage of availability: he was ready to play 47 times on 50 (94%). ESPN Americana has highlighted how Del Piero was one of the players in the world to be followed by his own staff of high scientific and technological qualification. We are talking about Prof. Giovanni Bonocore, Tuscan, always sensitive to women's football so much that the undersigned, when "Giovannino" was not yet famous but he was already a great professional athletic trainer, brought us the promising young Tuscan footballers to test and follow the related training programs. Prof. Bonocore has been the personal trainer of Alex Del Piero for several years and the results of the champion are always at the top.
Giovanni Bonocore has developed a new technological method to keep the performance of the Juventus 10 number to the maximum. The software in question is called Lector and allows you to immediately transform the video analysis of the performance into data for training programming.

Football is a team sport but it is composed of individuals and for this reason every athlete should improve himself, as well as working with the team! There are many professional athletic trainers willing to follow the individual athletes and optimize their performance (ed)

Walter Pettinati



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