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On today's Tuttosport a good interview was published on Professor Giovanni Bonocore, Pepito Rossi al Levante's personal athletic trainer, also known for his past with Alex Del Piero.
In the interview given to Tuttosport, Bonocore tells us about the injuries on the football pitches of the Serie A and presents us with "I-cryptex Training" an easy-to-use APP invented by him and Roberto Angiolucci that allows you to do daily tests without resorting to field tests and assess muscle conditions athlete.
For those interested, this is the reference site for more information:

Thanks to this invention, the athlete can limit injuries and improve performance.

Who is Prof. Giovanni Bonocore?
I began to admire Giovanni when he was not yet "nobody" and I, hungry to acquire the secrets that enclose the great athletic trainers, I contacted him for some basic lessons. Later I brought some young players like Sandy Iannella (15) and other athletes to her Center ... to submit them to her evaluation (Dynapiobsy). I have to say that Giovanni has always been very available towards women's football with his usual professionalism and competence.

Sometimes I disturb him to know his points of view and even now, as then, he is always available with his great humility and professionalism, characteristics that I found also in other great sports scientists, athletic trainers and professional coaches, all open to our movement.

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Some notes on his career:

In 1998 he obtained the qualification of Professional Athletic Trainer, becoming head coach of the Pisa Calcio athletic preparation, winning the year of the Serie C championship and the 2000 Italian Cup.
In the 2003 the meeting with two great masters such as Prof. Roberto Piga and Prof. Giovanni Betti will contribute to broaden his knowledge on the training methodology and until the 2007 will cover the charge of preparation with the students and spring team of Empoli football .

The knowledge of the two masters mentioned above brings him closer to using IT tools for personalized training with the use of Dynabiopsy.

In 2008 he is called to work as a personal trainer of Alex Del Piero at Juventus and will follow the great champion in Australia up to 2013. In Australia, the philosophy of working with data collection, analysis, and personalized training is continued, and the "Magmatic-Room", a highly sophisticated laboratory with IT supports where Bonocore and Del Piero will work every day, is installed directly from Turin.

But Australia for Bonocore will also be a great moment of reflection and study, as the poet in exile is influenced by the culture and the meetings of the place, even Bonocore will undergo, in part, the influence of the sporting and methodological culture of Rugby, first national sport.

The internships that will make the High Performance Centers of the best Australian rugby teams like the Waratahs and the Roosters, and the meeting with Ashley Jones (Head of Performance Coach ALL BLACKS), will bring them both confirmations and new ideas on the development of strength training in the situation sports.

In May 2013 terminates the working relationship with Alessandro Del Piero, after helping to bring the player up to the threshold of forty years, free of special injuries and always productive in terms of goals scored and high-level performances.

From 2008 to 2013, Del Piero will put together 169 appearances with 63 goals scored, meaning an annual average of 33,8 appearances and with 1 scoring scored every 2,7 appearances.

The summer 2013 for Giovanni, back from Australia and about to reorganize a new professional life, is sensitive and flourishing from the point of view of inventiveness

A bit 'the idea of ​​\ u200b \ u200bthe idea of ​​transporting the philosophy of the single work (collection, data analysis and personalized training) within a club with many more players, a little' influenced by the case Snowden on US espionage and technology systems for combating terrorism, also influenced by the numerous readings by Dan Brown and the studies on Fibonacci, Giovanni invents iCryptex Training (Intelligence Cryptex Training). A simple and rapid system to remotely capture the psycho-physical data of top-level athletes or normal sports people. In "team" with him, directly from New York, with the role of Director of Operations and Sales, will enter his eternal friend Roberto Angiolucci. For many years in the fashion world with footwear signed by his wife Claudia Ciuti, but with a passion for football. In New York Giovanni and Roberto will form the Cryptex LLC Company.

Giovanni and Roberto present iCryptex Training in the USA in October 2013, and immediately the instrument likes one of the most quoted University of New York, the S. John's University, which does it.

After Australia, the United States will be another place where Bonocore will have the opportunity to get in touch with the most important sports realities and with the best American training gurus.

In the 2013 summer, visiting California in one of the best American sports training and artificial intelligence laboratories will greatly influence John's future professional thoughts.

As well as the summer 2014 will be rich and influential, with the internship in one of the High Performance Centers in Spain recommended by his friend Julio Tous, already responsible for Forza's training at Juventus di Conte. Here you will meet Jose Manuel Quintana and the organization of the Spanish training.

And after having traveled around the world to study, observe and understand, Giovanni in the summer 2014 built his own LABORATORY of TRAINING in Italy, in his Tuscany.

Inside the workshop will be held the experiences of the last fifteen years of career and the desire to pass on to athletes a new training philosophy. Especially for young people, where physical and mental construction is decisive, together with the learning of a sports culture that is influenced by the much more sporting countries of Italy, such as Australia and the United States.

In addition to the excellent high-tech instrumentation, the huge database that will allow each individual athlete to understand, based on their data, where he will have to improve to seek a sporting health that will remove him from injuries and will be decisive in the Laboratory. what data retouch to excel in your sport.

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