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Adopt the Zone Diet (second part)

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As we said in another article, the sensations of burning and fatigue, are mainly attributed to the hydrogen ions released during the burning of Glucose, which raise the PH of the blood producing these sensations.
Fruit and vegetables are alkaline sources and therefore the best source of carbohydrates, antioxidants and minerals and reduce the acidity of the blood. It is therefore necessary to include in meals in the Zone the highest quantity of fruit and vegetables (Carbohydrates with a low glycemic index) to the detriment of pasta, bread, vegetables, potatoes, refined sugars and the like (Carbohydrates with a high glycemic index). As in all things it is useless to be extremists and therefore it is always good not to completely eliminate any food but only to change the proportions

index glicemicoThe intake of sugars through the use of fruit and vegetables is sufficient and perfectly adequate to the request of an athlete, using some simple precautions. Given the lower caloric density, moreover, this will allow you to eat much more and therefore never to feel hungry.

Low-glycemic Carbohydrates will be used in the resting phases and Carbohydrates with a High Glycemic Index in the Pre, During and immediately Post-activity. In this case it is also useful to use supplements of the type of maltodextrins that, during a competition or training, allow a constant supply of energy while keeping the blood sugar relatively stable.

Main advantages of maltodextrins compared to carbohydrates contained in foods are the neutral taste, the fact of being soluble in water and easily assimilated even in case of enzymatic deficiency. They are also low in salt content and develop lower osmotic pressure than simple low molecular weight carbohydrates (1 / 5 compared to glucose).

This means a greater speed of absorption. In this way high concentrations of maltodextrins can be assimilated without problems, while an equivalent content of dextrose or other simple sugars would cause the appearance of abdominal cramps up to diarrhea.
The situation described here is absolutely compatible with the Zone Diet. As you can see from the figure, in fact, foods with a low glycemic index (GI) will increase blood glucose more slowly but will allow you to spread the energy taken for a longer time.

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Gabriele Buracchi signed. Nutritionist Biologist

Dr. Gabriele Buracchi
Author: Dr. Gabriele BuracchiWebsite: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Biologist Nutritionist Psychologist
Gabriele Buracchi, he graduated in Biological Sciences and later in Psychology at the University of Florence, with a university degree at the University of Parma, working for many years at various clinics in Tuscany as Nutritionist and Psychologist. He was Adjunct Professor at the University of Pisa and is the author of numerous scientific and popular publications. See complete Curriculum:



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