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Eat in the area, examples of a snack

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snack diet
When you approach the Zone diet you can hear about Blocks and blocks or miniblocks that are nothing more than the unit of measure of this food style.
Each block is made up of 40% of Carbohydrates, 30% of Proteins and 30% of Fats in terms of energy supply. In order not to stay on the theoretical we see what this means in practice.
Take for example a snack from 2 blocks, which will then consist of 2 blocks of Carbohydrates (2 C), 2 of Proteins (2P) and 2 of Fats (2G).
How can we compose it? Even if it's just a snack we have a wide selection of combinations and we just mention a few.

Possibly 1 coffee or tea not to be counted -

1) 200 g. of partially skimmed milk (1 complete block) + half toast composed of 20 g. of wholemeal bread (1C) with 30 g. of degreased cooked ham (1P) + 3 almonds (1G)

2) 230 g. orange (2 C) + 40 g. of parmesan cheese (2C + 2G)

3) Half apple-about 90g.- (1C) + 20 g. of wholemeal bread (1C) + 60 g (2P) of smoked salmon + 2 walnuts (2G)

4) 40 g of parmesan cheese (2P + 2G) + 180 g (1) of apple (2C)

5) 50 g of defatted cured ham (2P + 1G) + 170 g of strawberries (1C) + 20 g of wholemeal bread (1C) + 6 almonds or 1 walnut (1G)

6) 20g of wholemeal bread or 2 breadsticks (1C) + 115 g (half) oranges (1C) + 30g of natural tuna
drained (1P) + 30g of smoked salmon (1P + & frac12; G) + 1 & frac12; teaspoon of light mayonnaise

7) Snack VEG. 280g unsweetened soy yogurt with 2 agave juice teaspoons (2P + 2C + 2G)

The examples of snacks from 2 blocks in the Zone are practically infinite and such to satisfy all tastes. A snack of this type can be used when you will later be faced with a workout not too demanding or otherwise even in the absence of special activities such as break a hungry lunch and a dinner.

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Signed Gabriele Buracchi. Nutritionist Biologist

Dr. Gabriele Buracchi
Author: Dr. Gabriele BuracchiWebsite: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Biologist Nutritionist Psychologist
Gabriele Buracchi, he graduated in Biological Sciences and later in Psychology at the University of Florence, with a university degree at the University of Parma, working for many years at various clinics in Tuscany as Nutritionist and Psychologist. He was Adjunct Professor at the University of Pisa and is the author of numerous scientific and popular publications. See complete Curriculum:



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