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Sport, Energy requirements, Zone diet (third part)

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The athletes who feed following dietary schemes such as Hi-Carb., Ie with Graminaceous derivatives, with flour or in any case with Carbohydrates high Glycemic Index, base their energy source mainly on the Free glucose or stored in the form of Glycogen.
We must not forget that the brain needs sugars: neurons work almost exclusively on Glucose, therefore it is necessary to guarantee a continuous supply of this sugar. We must remember that in our organism about 100 g of glucose are stored in the form of Glycogen in the liver, others 5-10 g. they are found in biological fluids, while about 200-300 g are deposited in the muscle, always in the form of Glycogen.

The problem for the Football which, as we saw in the previous article approaches theEndurance, it starts here, because when the Glucose too ends, to find energy it goes to affect the muscle with a process called Gluconeogenesis. Basically there let's eat the proteins of our muscle to produce the sugar we need to get energy. Even if you are not an expert it is clear that we are not doing a good deal. This is why it is important to shift the metabolic needs towards the type of energy resource that gives less problems: the Grease. Yes, just the much vituperated Grease.
With the Diet Zone the use of the Glycogen and Glucose decidedly higher, almost exclusively towards the anaerobic phase, that is at high heart rates, above the 80-85% of the beat, so to speak. In this way the low, medium and medium-high work is reserved for Grassi, whose reserve is generally large.

One is considered normal percentage of 24% fat in women, which corresponds to about 13 pounds in a woman of 55 weight pounds. Naturally, the percentage of fat mass is usually lower in athletes, say 20%. It is therefore about 11 pounds of fat in the woman we have taken as an example. Not all this fat is available, of course, given that at least 12% is essential, that is, it can not be lost for serious damage to health. Indeed, already under the 16% some athletes become amenorrheic, with significant loss of bone minerals.

But between 20% fat and 16%, there are over two pounds of fat that can be a source of energy. We must know that 1 kg. of body fat possesses well 7800!. This value is almost 9 times the energy requirement of 900 of an entire game, as we have seen in the previous article, Sport, Energy requirements, Zone diet (second part).

But in addition to this extraordinary energy source, we must not forget that we save money Glycogen which, as we have seen, is not a very abundant resource.

How is this possible? We see it in the next article: Adopt the Zone diet

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Signed Gabriele Buracchi. Nutritionist Biologist

Dr. Gabriele Buracchi
Author: Dr. Gabriele BuracchiWebsite: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Biologist Nutritionist Psychologist
Gabriele Buracchi, he graduated in Biological Sciences and later in Psychology at the University of Florence, with a university degree at the University of Parma, working for many years at various clinics in Tuscany as Nutritionist and Psychologist. He was Adjunct Professor at the University of Pisa and is the author of numerous scientific and popular publications. See complete Curriculum:



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