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Sport, Energy requirements, Zone diet (first part)

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diet needs
When we talk about nutrition and sport it is always good to start from the data in order not to be generic and superficial. Naturally, we must not expect "certain" data on energy needs as this depends from many variables such as sex, age, muscle development, basal metabolism, training level. Strange as it may seem, between two theoretical absolutely identical people doing the same sporting activity, the trained one consumes less energy than the untrained one, thus having a lower requirement.

This variability exists, of course, also in football. One way to make a more precise calculation tells us that during a friendly game, say between friends, consumption is about Kg. of body weight, while a competitive match leads to a consumption of 10 Kg. of body weight.

If we apply this formula to a woman of 55 kg., We will have a variable need, based on what we have said, between 385 and 550 at the moment. So, if we consider a game of 90 minutes, we will have a requirement between 578 and 825

Other studies give us slightly different but not incompatible values, speaking, always for a woman of 55 kg. of a need for 600 for now and then of 900 per game. We should not be surprised by these small differences because, as we have seen, the variables that determine the needs are numerous and not always all controllable. Knowing these things, however, puts us in a position to plan a proper diet in Zone, depending on the activity carried out.

Of course in the case of not consistent workouts in the game but in other types of exercise (running, jumping, exercises on the ground, etc.), i energy needs will be different based on the type and intensity of the exercise same.

In the next articles we will see how to manage food and mistakes to avoid, as well as see how we can organize our meals in Zone even with empirical methods that do not force everything to weigh.

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Signed Gabriele Buracchi. Nutritionist Biologist

Dr. Gabriele Buracchi
Author: Dr. Gabriele BuracchiWebsite: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Biologist Nutritionist Psychologist
Gabriele Buracchi, he graduated in Biological Sciences and later in Psychology at the University of Florence, with a university degree at the University of Parma, working for many years at various clinics in Tuscany as Nutritionist and Psychologist. He was Adjunct Professor at the University of Pisa and is the author of numerous scientific and popular publications. See complete Curriculum:



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