Wednesday, 22 January 2020
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Alberto Bacchini: "We work to make girls grow"

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Coach in second and close collaborator of the company staff, he represents a pivotal role in the gear of the tried and tested Romagna machine.
Space and visibility for Alberto Bacchini, from around 4 years point of reference of the white-blue society, a figure always useful and available in making his competences and sporting experiences available.

Hello Mr. Bacchini, a brief presentation of his role in the staff
I am a collaborator of the staff of Riccione since around 4 years, I play in particular the role of coach in second of the first team as well as making me useful and available for other needs towards the company.

His previous experiences in sports
I started playing football at the age of 5 years, playing in the Coriano, in Morciano in Excellence, boasting appearances with the national under 18 up to sign a professional contract with Giacomense, where unfortunately due to a serious injury to the Crusader my career was penalized, continued until the end of the competitive activity that took place with the Forlì jacket; as a coach I started in the 2013 following the newcomers up to the 2016 meeting with Arianna who opened the doors of collaboration with Riccione.

His relationship with the corporate staff
I got to know Arianna as a child for his past as a coach in Coriano; Migani and Casadei are just as old acquaintances in the sporting field while the other members of the staff have been pleasant discoveries, serious and qualified people with a boundless passion for the sport.

The Coppa Italia race with Chieti
We expect a very difficult and interesting race, going to face an opponent who travels in the first positions in the standings, in possession of a good attack and returning from a victory away from home in the league; in addition to the value of the Abruzzese, the real unknown could be represented by the start time of the race set for 11 hours: 00 which will force us to leave early in the morning; however, we prepared the best for the event, the team is in condition and has regained its morale after last Sunday's victory; we will fight to the maximum of our strength to obtain the qualification.

The environment of Riccione
The judgment on the environment of Riccione is given by the results, the number of registered, the visibility at national level of our movement; we are a company that works and commits itself in the best way to grow and guarantee important and rewarding stages for its members. Those who arrive in Romagna know well that they can rely on a serious and prepared professional staff that offers the best guarantees for athletes.

Asd female Riccione, press office

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