Thursday, May 21 2015
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Elvio Sanna: "objective salvation and enhancement of the youth sector"

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Let's have a chat with the Sporting Director and Head of the Technical Sector Cesena FC Women Elvio Sanna.
Why did you decide to accept the double assignment of the technical area in the Cesena women after so many years in the men's youth sector as a coach?

The main reasons are two: the maximum confidence that the company has shown to me, entrusting me with this new project and the passion for football in pink, I assure you that there is no distinction between women's and men's football.
So I decided to get involved and try something new and different. In the feminine we are starting from the basics is a remarkable fascinating experience, there is a lot of work to do, but the desire is certainly not lacking!

What are your expectations for the current season?

The goal is to make a championship for a peaceful salvation. I speak mainly of the First team, but it is obvious to hope for growth in all our other categories.
Our project is to enhance the young people of our youth sector, where we have many interesting girls, fruit of a great scouting job and of initiatives that we organize in our territory, this year an 2005 has now made its debut in series B permanently in the squad of the first team, but many young people both in the first team and in the spring are coming to the fore and doing well. The captain of the newly qualified U17 Italian National Team is our Elena Battistini, an 2003 who has been in the B series for two seasons.

In the National U16 we have BERNARDI and recently Paolinelli has been called for an internship in U16 and six other girls are on permanent basis and in the regional representative U15 all this is a source of pride for our society.

What are the things you care about most in your organization?
Discipline and respect! Those who do not respect the directives and those who behave contrary to our ethics are taken measures. We are a serious company and as such we expect seriousness and respect from everyone.

With what mood did your new adventure as a Sports Director begin?
With so much enthusiasm after months of negotiations, phone calls and theoretical speeches the field work will tell where we can actually arrive, I am optimistic.

A thought about your technical staff created by you?
Some of the real professionals, all very well prepared, some of them with important experiences with men's A and B Club series like Inter, Lazio, Torino just to name a few and others with experiences in Cesena with whom I collaborated in the male sector, they are fantastic people who they really want to work well.

A message to the fans, even those of the Orogel Stadium D. Manzzi.
Come and support us numerous and you won't regret it !! The female football is fun, the Cesena-Ravenna match has given it a great show, the beautiful derby played at the Martorano Sports Center where girls from both teams gave demonstration as well as a good technical level and a good game of great professionalism , sporting and fair in front of so many spectators, it was a beautiful spot for Romagna women's football and for the whole women's movement in general.

Cesena 27 November 2019
Franco Scolozzi
Cesena FC Women's Press Officer

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