Monday, May 11 2015
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Beatrice Uncle and football

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"My passion for football, and especially for the colors red and white, was born in the distant 1995 .... straddling the promotion in Serie A of Vicenza that I celebrated running around the city aboard the red Alfa Romeo of my uncle and the first match seen at the "Menti" from the North Curve, a Vicenza-Bari wet by the double of Otero ".

It is a river in full - with good reason - Beatrice Zio when it comes to football (and basketball), especially when Vicenza is at stake.
"My heart has always been divided in two: the ball in wedges on one side and the Lane, or football, on the other", his words.

"A few years more than when I fell in love with it, two sons - Matilde of 8 years and Diego of 17 months - a job in the world of sport, but the passion is always the same: when I play, when I watch the games When I prepare the workouts, the emotions are always the same: they say it's just a game, but it will be its intertwining over the years with my affections, my city ... it will be my being so deeply "romantic", but for me it was never just a game ".

Remarkable the determination of this girl, and the results obtained over time very important and prestigious: "It took a few years for my mother to accept the fact that I wanted to play football, she tried with the basketball, which is why my heart is now split between the wedges and the green lawn. in Pedezzi along with my friends, only girl .... but this mattered very little because I was the happiest in the world, and Alberto Tombacco as my first coach: he had great consideration of me and for this I will always thank him. the honor of wearing the red and white colors in the Juniores, in the Primavera and in the A2 series of the Vicenza Calcio Femminile, first as the right outer and then as the point.A truly important reality that owes its birth to a person with a heart of gold that has always believed in the women's movement, always supporting him (even now it is so): Mauro Padovan After Vicenza, a brief experience in Venice, a championship won in Valdalpone and an unprecedented adventure in futsal with Vicenza C5, in the role of pivot: all wonderful experiences that allowed me to meet special people who, humanly, gave me so much. But I divided myself between football, basketball and the arrival of the children: I had to make choices, so - at some point - I had to hang the boots on the nail ".

At that moment, perhaps, the most beautiful adventure for Beatrice Zio began:
"Three years ago, thanks to the foresight of Umberto Masenello, my collaboration with Vicenza Calcio began as a trainer for small friends, a partnership that is more alive than ever with the new company: the LR Vicenza Virtus under the guidance of a man of great experience like Gigi Zanetti ".

Beatrice Zio goes into more detail about her role as important as it is delicate but full of gratifications: "Working with these children is really incredible, gives enormous satisfaction both from the human point of view and from the sporting point of view: you see them grow day by day, acquire new skills and greater self-confidence and it's a wonderful event. - then - we created a special alchemy that allowed us to face all the commitments with great joy and participation: I must admit that I have found another family, given their tender age, my job is to make them passionate about Football game, make them feel positive emotions when they come to the camp, create new friendships and work on basic motor skills.We have to allow children to create spontaneous game situations in which their intelligence prevails. The task of our trainers, starting from my category to get to the higher ones, is to provide the kids with the means to become "heavy players", cap aci of solving the game situations not acting according to pre-established schemes: the Federation is doing a great job in these terms and I have a lot of confidence in the future; I see mister more aware, with the desire to question myself and therefore ready to grow. We have touched the lowest point, but I see that there is light, a gap from which it is starting to be able to do well, AND THE RESULTS OF THE NATIONAL FEMALE ARE THE DEMONSTRATION, but it takes time and perseverance ".

An all-round example, Beatrice Zio: a professional deeply in love with football, basketball, her family and her Vicenza:
"My grandfather gave me the shirt 19 number of Otero and a ball, two objects from which I would never separate," he recalls with pleasure ".

And to conclude - returning to the present -: "As I often and willingly repeat .... always and in any case force Lane".

Enrico Ferranti.
Photo by W. Ramin and P. Contadin.

Author: Enrico Ferranti Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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