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Mister Ardito, the new helmsman of Atalanta Mozzanica

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The 3 last July is a date that will surely be remembered in the history of Atalanta Mozzanica. On that day the "Ardito Era" officially begins, the arrival on the Nerazzurri bench of the new Milanese technician will be officially replaced, thus replacing Elio Garavaglia. It's a special summer, the summer of the arrival in the women's Milan and Rome (over the already present Juventus, Fiorentina, Sassuolo and Chievo) and two powers of this caliber are destined to rewrite the balance of our championship. The Brescia that will start again from the Excellence disappeared and with it the great expectations for the derby between swallows and Nerazzurri. Society must choose who to entrust the task of leading a deeply changed team, rich in youth and betting. The choice falls on Michele Ardito, long experience in the men in all categories, fresh from an adventure on the bench of Como (pro league) as a second dell'talanta former coach Fabio Gallo. Atalanta Mozzanica bets on Mr. Ardito and he marries the Nerazzurri project.

Mister, she is one of the new faces of this season. Can you tell us about your career to date?

"I started playing at the oratory and gradually I got to the C, unfortunately I played a little due to an injury that I still carry the signs for and I had to stop. Despite this, however, I never lost my passion for football and as soon as I took off my cleats, I immediately had the chance to wear a suit and join a company, Snam Metanopoli of San Donato Milanese, as a second student trainer regional. From there my career started. The following year I always did the second, but in the juñores. The turning point was during that championship: the coach in the second part of the tournament was forced to leave due to physical problems and so I found the team in hand. From there I am more and more in love with this profession. The following year I became a trainer of the students and then I started to shoot in the category in the category going through different companies, up to Como in Lega Pro, as a second by Mr. Fabio Gallo and finally in D in Varese. "

What was the moment that reminds with more satisfaction of all this process?

"It is almost natural to say the period in Lega Pro, in which I could touch the real reality of professionalism. I believe that anyone who practices this work should be lucky enough to have an experience in professionals, because in that world I learned what perfectionism is and I have seen many aspects of a football club that unfortunately in amateurs very often are not seen . From the professional point of view, however, I think of the victory of the championship students with the Peschiera Borromeo, after which we went to the regional stages coming in the top four. I also gladly remember an experience in Barcelona in an international tournament with the young Maccallese regional teams, in which 67 teams participated and where we reached the top three. "

She is a Milanese doc, so the question is obvious: Milan or Inter?

"None of them, I've always been Juventus. On the other hand, when I was a boy, Juventus of Trapattoni was the strongest team of all. "

So the next question served me on a silver plate: is he a trainer at Trapattoni, Lippi or Allegri style?

"Personally I feel closer to Allegri, for that characteristic of always looking for compromise in situations and tempering tones. In the field, however, I am a visceral type to Trapattoni to be clear. In terms of elegance, on the other hand, I would like to look more like Lippi. "

And from a tactical point of view?

"From that point of view I feel closer to the emerging coaches like Gattuso, Simone Inzaghi or Gianpaolo. Doing the Guardiola training Manchester City is one thing, but having to build everything from the foundations without having the quality of the big teams is certainly more difficult and I admire these young coaches who are putting a lot of them to try to create a football reality. "

After all these experiences finally comes the adventure in women's football. First of all, how was contact with Atalanta Mozzanica born?

"It was born from the friendship with Marco Sacco, the goalkeeper coach, with whom I had already worked in the past and with whom we stayed in touch. One day he talks to me of this new experience that is starting to intrigue me and then he continued to speak well of this world proposing to try to train in the feminine. The case wanted that the Atalanta Mozzanica the next summer was looking for a coach. There was a first call and then we resented the company and finally I agreed to become the coach of the Nerazzurri. The executives gave me a very good impression, immediately very available, they gave me carte blanche in the management of the team. "

How was this first month of work?

"Great, I found myself very well. The girls immediately showed a great desire to learn and make themselves available, even if they had to change their training methods. With society it is difficult to disagree because they are simple people who put you at ease. I feel like I've been here a lot longer. "

How does this Atlet show up at the 2018-'19 championship starting bands?

"It's a much changed team compared to last year. Many female players have gone away and this has created a lot of curiosity around this eleven that is to be discovered. We will face strong teams ahead of us athletically, but this does not have to be an alibi: when you go down in the field and the ball begins to roll there it counts the desire you have to play football, the hunger you have, the quality you have, the determination and then everything else comes later. I am confident. When I accepted to take a female team for me it was already a gamble but I feel I have already won because I feel good in this world, I'm not experiencing particular difficulties and this thanks to a nice group that is being born. I must be confident, even knowing that it will be a championship where we will have to suffer. Last year there was a more competitive team perhaps, but that does not necessarily mean stronger. It was a team with certain names and certain credentials that this has not yet, but which can get working hard. After all, if the players left here to go to more titled teams, it was also possible because they became someone thanks to the championships played with this shirt. "

The battle between FIGC and LND shows no signs of diminishing. Now the ball is back to the Federation and the championship seems to finally have its beginning. How does an employee live this situation?

"We live badly because we have to make a considerable effort to get girls to focus on the games and the championship, but having no certainty of what will happen it is normal that you create a certain anxiety. We want to play, smell the field, measure ourselves with the opponent and so it's not the best work like that. It's a situation that should not even exist. "

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