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Mister Michela De Angelis: "I have a lot of enthusiasm and want to start another season"

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While the players are on vacation, the Rome Women's Football Association works to prepare the next season for the better, starting with the coaches. After announcing the arrival of Luigi Colantuoni at the helm of the first team in Serie B, here is a brief interview with the Mister of the Primavera and Giovanissime teams, Michela De Angelis, to announce their confirmation for the 2018 / 19 season.

Amazement to see her girls in the field: she is so elegant and sweet in the ways when you approach her in everyday life, then manages to transmit, in addition to great technique, a lot of determination and desire to win her girls, so that they play on a par (and often win) even with superior teams on the card. The players under his guidance are sure that they will grow technically and characteristically and then make the jump in the first team or be requested by all the major teams ... now also professional. The teams you drive are combative and tactically flexible due to its versatility. In addition, a positive symbol for its players by virtue of their dedication to work and the team combined with determination, tenacity and correctness.

Mister, let's take stock of last season.
What's wrong with what time you would change and what positive you'll take.
"With the season just past go to the bulletin certainly also those successes that unfortunately we managed only to touch, I refer for example to the final spring lost to the usual lottery of penalties, but that still remains a coveted milestone reached with the girls who, match after the match, they showed their great value both in the field and in the character, and I say this because a path like the one tackled to get to the final stages has allowed us to build a united team of great depth.
Of course, a whole season can not be summarized just by looking at its peak, to achieve similar results you have to review every single race in the men's championship, but even before every workout that the girls have done with dedication and sacrifice.
Having said that I could not want to change anything of what has been done, because I am sure that it was also thanks to the losses and some regrets that we are now all more aware of our value. With me, I certainly bring greater awareness, yes. "

What season will be next considering that we finally have a national championship?
"We are looking forward to a fairly demanding season on paper ... and I would also say it at last! An incentive to do even better, given that we are facing important realities with professional companies of the A series.
We know we no longer have some good girls who have grown up in our society and have been involved in important teams, but I am sure that this will be another reason to bring out other potentials already on the way ".

What does it mean for you to have passed under the Figc? What do you expect?
"Finally, with such a passage, women's football will be worthy of note and receive the visibility it deserves.I expect an important growth of the movement and above all greater respect and seriousness for this reality that has always had to struggle in being recognized as valid and dignified.
Many girls have often given their hand to the first team or have been requested by important teams.

What is it like to try? Ready to start again?
"I am proud of the path that all the girls have done, I have to admit that it is a great satisfaction to see them debut in the first team and also that there has been the interest of other companies, this is one more reason to continue the path taken always placing itself new goals, that's why I'm very enthusiastic and want to start another season. "

Maria Quintarelli
Photo granted for the use of the property of Rome female football photographer Grazia Menna

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