Thursday, July 18 2019
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damico francesco cossato15For four years I spent my time sharing this passion with beautiful girls, I noticed in them a great desire to do well, a great respect for this sport and above all the union between them. Every day in Italy we talk about football, where everyone feels coaches and where everyone is ready to criticize, they talk about football as something to be able to let off steam, without understanding that this is a sport where millions of people practice it for pure passion.
Today in the important categories, the sponsors decide who should play and who does not have to play, the shirt of a team has become a showcase of a store, where the Company logo is hidden or made invisible. It is true that economic aid is needed to go ahead and there are many people who help the companies to finance projects and it is also thanks to them that we can live beautiful realities, but this must not allow certain people to command, for those who must and who does not have to play.
In our reality I see many girls who play football for pure passion, you see them sweat, you see them run and above all you see them having fun after spending a hard day at school and at work.
Vorrei riportare, di seguito, un discorso fatto di recente da un grande Mister, FABIO MELILLO, allenatore della Res ROMA, un pensiero da un vero professionista che per me è un punto di riferimento: "nel calcio femminile è molto più sviluppato il senso di appartenenza, nel 90% dei casi si gioca per passione e per onorare la maglia, il sogno di un progetto, trovo quindi spesso spunto nell'apprezzare questi sentimenti e cercare di descriverli per far conoscere il nostro mondo"
Con questo vorrei concludere dicendo a tutte le persone che amano il calcio di sostenere queste ragazze, aiutarle a vivere questa passione, presenziando alle partite, e soprattutto di venire a scoprire questo fantastico mondo chiamato "CALCIO FEMMINILE"

IL CALCIO E' PASSIONE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Francesco D'Amico

Enrico Manassero
Author: Enrico ManasseroEmail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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