Monday, May 11 2015
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Claudia Marchi (Feminine Riccione): "I tiptoe in, offering my experience and my ideas for the common good"

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After gaining the experience of spokesperson in the Rimini football club men's society, managing the marketing and acting as a filter on behalf of the President, he welcomed with enthusiasm the possibility of being able to change environment, passing in the women's sector of Riccione , habitat in greater harmony with its values ​​and principles.

We welcome the Romagna-based company to Claudia Marchi, a well-known figure in the local sport, a skilled public relations weaver, able to give her entire sector additional visibility and growth with her precious contribution.

Hi Claudia, to start a brief description of your previous experiences
Starting from the 1 Novembre of 2017 and up until last month I was the spokesperson of the President of Rimini football club; I was in charge of managing public relations, marketing, the hospitality area, security representatives; I was a filter figure in society, I learned and learned several things transversally, managing to turn my passion into work, having daily contact with influential people also known in the League.

Your inclusion in women's football
I have gradually approached women's football in recent years, having had the honor of meeting important women in the sector such as Rita Guarino, Cristiana Capotondi, as well as the secretary of the Ghirelli executive; I learned from the experts about the enormous sacrifices that the girls had to sustain over the years to reach the acknowledgments of recent times, a situation not at all comparable with the male sector that I got to know.

Impact with the new environment
I left the Rimini environment because at some point my task had become more of a concern than a pleasure. Working in an environment made up of around 70 men, I realized I had so many first women around. At first glance, women's football appears to me more limpid and genuine, more in tune with my values ​​as a woman and a person, an environment where the substance is looked at more than appearance.

Your arrival in Riccione
I got to know Arianna, Matteo and Fabio and last summer, thanks to the tour of the girls "dribbling in the city" we managed to give visibility to the movement in the nerve centers of the city, aware that many still did not know about the existence of a female team; I proposed to attend my first spectator race at the meeting of the next 19 December with Sassari Torres; for Christmas we intend to promote a couple of events in the city that can give the girls another window, maybe a parade through the city center; I make myself available for the good of society, I tiptoe on, with no intention of climbing over anyone, making my experience and my ideas available for the common good.

Asd female Riccione, press office

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