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The start of the new season for the entire women's youth sector of Cesena FC is almost upon us. From Monday 9 September all the youth teams will return to the preparation for the new season.
The leaders of the pink horse chaired the presentation of the teams and all the staff for the 2019-2020 season.

Elvio Sanna is the manager of the Technical area, after the great scouting work to set up all the teams and their staff, in his speech he declares: "we are very satisfied with the work done in the summer, surely the numbers do not tell everything, 150 members (excluding the first team), give the measure of a job done only for the girls and girls who are always at the center of our attentions, our path must be an indelible sign for the future of Juventus women's football; this new Cesena FC project. Feminine continues Sanna wants to see the girls of the area arrive in the first team for the years to come, ready for the most important championships and competitions ".

Below all the staff of the Youth sector:

National Spring
Coach Marco ROSSI, Goalkeeper Trainer Loris FOSCHI, Athletic Trainer Margaret MACCHIUT, Team Manager Gianni ANGELI, Roberta RIDOLFI Official Guide.

Under 17
Coach Marco ROSSI, Athletic Trainer Mattia NONANTELLI, Team Manager Andrea LUCCHI, Official Guide Michela CACCAVALLE.

Under 15
Coach Elvio SANNA, Athletic Trainer Mattia NONANTELLI, Team Manager Mario NICOLINI, Cristina ORTU Official Guide.

Beginners A and B
Coaches Marco PUNTIROLI and Alessandro SIBONI, Engine Coordinator Matteo MERCATINI, Team Manager Massimo PAGANELLI, Nailia MAGNANI Official Officers and Annalisa URBINI.

Chicks A / B / C
Coaches Simone SORCI, Francesca FARNEDI and Mirco MURATORI, Motor Coordinator Preparation Margaret MACCHIUT, Hadri KAWATAR Official Companion.

Soccer school
Tatiana BRUNI instructor.
Goalkeeper trainer for the youth sector Loris FOSCHI, physiotherapist Simone SOLFRINI.

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