Friday, December 13 2019
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Ravenna Women is ready to grow

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Women's football, thanks to the unexpected success of the national team at the World Cup in France, is under the lens of all the national media, receiving unprecedented success and success. We took this positive moment to take stock of the situation with the president of the Ravenna Women, Samuel Gasperoni.

"We undoubtedly find ourselves in front of a strongly growing trend, on which Ravenna strongly believes by demonstrating it already from last season and demonstrating, in light of the facts, also a certain far-sightedness. In the 2012, in fact, when the Ravenna FC Association was established at Ca 'del Pino in which the foundations were laid for the rebirth of football in Ravenna, the constitution of a Giallorossi women's team was already set as an objective. Last year, after the first in the C series, an affiliation with San Zaccaria was created then in September 2018, differentiating us from the realities participating in the related championship, we decided to invest in this activity. We have therefore created a new-co, where Ravenna FC leads and decides using a company dedicated to the development of women's football. "

In all likelihood Ravenna is the only team in Serie C to have undertaken an internal project inherent to women's football, confronting reality of the caliber of Inter, Empoli and Lazio. What came out of this comparison?
"From a technical, structural and organizational point of view, Inter has certainly proved to be a team without rivals, but in relation to all other situations the field has shown that the rose was no less than anyone else. Considering that we are in the first year of management and that we entered the race between September and November, we can affirm that we have achieved a result above our expectations. It is from this concept that we must start to strive, like the masculine, to be a reference reality, committing ourselves to grow on all points of view. Our motivational spirit is not based exclusively on sporting results, despite being one of the first elements for which people are judged, but also on good and efficient organizational cohesion. Analyzing also the foreign experiences, the realities that are most successful are those attentive to the didactic, physical and educational needs. Our project is based on these fundamental elements for "healthy" growth. It is fair to recall that despite the difficulties encountered, this was the first year in which a team was created under 12 and under 15. We have laid important foundations in building what must be our future, starting with local girls who can grow and aspire to the first team: a concept in line with the men's Academy. "

What are the future development plans for Ravenna Women?
"It starts with two cornerstones: the consolidation of the youth sector and organizational development. We have invested in the great professionalism and experience of DG Elio Sollima and of Alessandra Ghirardelli who, although at the first experience in this role, has spent twenty years of women's football as a player and connoisseur of the sector. An Open Day was organized at the Benelli stadium for the girls who want to take this discipline and also on this occasion we had exciting responses demonstrated by the eighty participants. We aim to take root in the territory, but it is necessary to have the appropriate camps and facilities to accommodate the numerous questions received from young athletes. We do not exclude that, due to a logistical question and above all thinking of the younger ones, a structure is needed in the city that can act as a fulcrum for our activity. "

The news of Chievo Verona Valpo's renouncement to the Serie A league championship has just arrived a few hours ago. Is it therefore possible that the doors will open for a repechage of our girls after having touched the promotion this season? Is it a viable road?
"The supervening news is still to be examined and the requisites for the repechage will be carefully evaluated, certainly it would be an important showcase also for the partners who have accompanied us this season and who have expressed their will to continue also in the coming years. The city of Ravenna, beautiful, cultured, elegant and "adorned" by a men's soccer team in the C series and a women's in Serie A, would get even more splendor in terms not only of sport, but also of culture and tourism. "

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