Wednesday, August 21 2019
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The widespread shareholding of the female Naples Carpisa Yamamay

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In a meeting at Carpisa headquarters, numerous companies of national importance were involved.
The championship has just ended and the Naples female Carpisa Yamamay is already at work ahead of the next season which will see him as the protagonist of the national B series. President Lello Carlino's club is carrying out a corporate restructuring that will bring the SSD Napoli Femmnile in a few weeks to be the first non-professional sports club to involve a pool of companies in a popular popular shareholding.

Last week, at the Carpisa site in the Nola interport district, a meeting took place which allowed Francesco Tripodi, in charge of the club transformation project, to illustrate to the managers of some of the main national companies and the territory the new organization that will be created in the coming weeks and that by the end of this month will see the first meeting and the appointment of a board of directors made up of professionals representing supporting members and sponsors. All this will allow the use of industrial processes in the management of the sports company to better monitor the resources invested by the partners and, at the same time, guarantee the maximum support to the technical sector in view of the national Serie B championship which will begin in September.

One of the novelties will concern the field available to the Naples Female Carpisa Yamamay, who will be able to benefit from a structure in the center of the city taken over for the next six years with a subsequent purchase option, in order to realize a real technical center in the near future support for all the needs of staff and players, with club houses available to managers and sponsors. At the moment the center will be used for training, waiting for the decision on the playing field for the official competitions.

"Our project is ambitious - explained Francesco Tripodi -. In the C series the Naples female Carpisa Yamamay was supported by over twenty sponsors and a hundred supporting members, but not enough. We want to create a real popular popular shareholding involving leading national and local companies because ours is a vehicle of healthy values ​​that can be married by any company that wants to enter the world of sport to promote its image. We are talking about an all-round project where the team will be placed at the center of a path of great communication. I thank the many managers who took part in the presentation and who showed interest in our project, I am sure that together we will be able to bring the Female Naples to the stage it deserves ”. Among the many who also took part in the meeting were the managers of numerous companies in the Nola district who seem to have returned to being a point of reference for the commercial development of the Neapolitan and southern industries.

Meanwhile, the company has also started working on the technical sector and, after the confirmation of coach Peppe Marino, the agreements for a new sports director are being formalized: one looks at a highly experienced manager, back from an exciting league in Serie B "We want to be able to do the double jump and return to Serie A, which we believe to be the stage that competes in a city like Naples in women's football too - explained Lello Carlino -. For this reason we have decided to build the team around an experienced manager and the company with industrial criteria typical of the activities we have been performing successfully for years ”.

Next meeting in the second half of June, therefore, with the first board of directors and the appointment of the president, awaiting the first market moves.

Naples, 4 June 2019

Naples Women's Press Office Carpisa Yamamay

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