Wednesday, August 21 2019
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Fortitudo Mozzecane, a new logo inspired by passion, tradition and the future

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Stronger. More unique. Fortitudo Mozzecane presents its new official logo, with which it will face the 2019 / 20 season, after a year full of emotions. A presentation enriched by a video that fully represents the fortitudina philosophy, with a strong and meaningful message.

An immediate, clear symbol that sums up all the cornerstones of the Fortitudo world:

- The letter "C", which stands for football, what moves the gialloblù passion, the starting point that gave life to our society. It is the letter that encompasses the others, as well as incorporating our desire to play and make women's football known.

- The letter "F", which of course stands for Fortitudo, one of the cardinal virtues, our way of being. But that is also our feminine identity.

- The letter "M", which stands for Mozzecane. Our territory, the place that has seen us born and develop. That's why it is the letter that symbolically supports all the others, as well as our land, firmly under our feet when we run towards the goal.

- 1997, the year of the foundation of Fortitudo Mozzecane, one of the most "senior" and prestigious national women's soccer companies, the 16 ° in Italy. A number that brings us luck, in which we reflect ourselves with pride.

- The circle, which contains all these elements, giving dynamism and movement. But also compactness, unity, principles at the base of the fortitudina philosophy, which has always united the territory, sport, entrepreneurship and the passion of our wonderful fans.

Here are the words of Alice Bianchini, manager and manager of fortitudina marketing.

Let's talk about how this logo was born from the beginning ...

Personally, I started working from February to the construction of a new identity, for Fortitudo Mozzecane. I wanted our new logo to accentuate the fortitudina philosophy more, so I tried to put together two aspects: elements that recall history, tradition and local roots, a sense of belonging to Mozzecane, and innovation, modernity , because Fortitudo wants to renew itself and look ahead.

Mission accomplished?

To see from the first enthusiastic reactions, I would say yes. In these years, our intent has been precisely to unite these different facets, and demonstrate our strength. We call ourselves Fortitudo, not surprisingly. We are aiming for global growth, starting with the very young of Primi Calci, up to the first team. In fact, I really wanted to make a presentation video where all this was enhanced. I would like to thank Enrico Perini for the support.

Why did you decide to renew the logo?

It was the right time to create something unique, for a company that belongs to a small town in the province of Verona, but that has shown that it knows how to do great things, reaching increasingly important goals. It was time to give Fortitudo a new face, to make it grow and make it stronger, more cohesive, organized.

Ph. Pierangelo Gatto & Enrico Perini
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