Tuesday, December 10 2019
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The crusades next to Fidas, Debora Fragni for the first time gave blood: "it's a selfless gesture that saves lives"

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Parma, 8 March 2019 - Parma Women once again the side of Fidas: as usual consolidated the Crusades were invited by the president Ines Seletti for 8 March to make a gift, a gesture of love for the community and to celebrate so in an alternative and unselfish way the Women's Day.

At the Transfusion Center of the Ospedale Maggiore, early this morning, a delegation from Parma Rosa (with Rossella Punzi, Noemi Santirocco, Debora Fragni, Giulia Fontanesi, Josara Boselli) took part in the praiseworthy initiative that involved some well-known representatives of local institutions and of sport. They brought, among others, their testimony and closeness to the donors, the Councilor for Equal Opportunities of the Municipality of Parma Nicoletta Paci, the Commander of the station of the Carabinieri of Parma Azzurra Ammirati, the First Director of the Parma State Police Maria Grazia Ligabue , the president of the Anti-Violence Center of Parma Samuela Frigeri. Present also the Director General of the Hospital, Massimo Fabi, the staff of the transfusion department and the administrative director of the Ospedale Maggiore, Paola Bodrandi.

The new mascot of Fidas Parma, Globby, has arrived to accompany the guests and the donors. Special mention for Debora Fragni who took the opportunity to give for the first time: "Me and my companions have been invited to this beautiful initiative. I decided to become a donor too because I think it's an important gesture, altruistic, which means saving lives ". "What is important today is to celebrate women - explains the president Fidas Parma, Ines Seletti - and what women can do. What can they do? Donate blood by helping others. A message that we want to bring above all among the young people who are here today numerous. We also had the pleasure of discovering that a representative of the Parma women's team decided to start today as a donor and this is a beautiful message ".

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