Monday, January 20 2020
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Press Release Novese Women's Football

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Following the events that occurred in the last two weeks that have affected the glorious sports club of the Novese Calcio Femminile as well as articles published by various media and sports sites, the undersigned as President of the same company wants to specify some situations to better clarify the position of the Club about the conduct held by some Tesserate.

In this sense, as a preliminary step, I would like to point out that the Company has entrusted a mandate to the lawyer. Matteo Sperduti to see their interests protected and above all the image of the Club and the Management that has been severely damaged by the conduct of some players and by statements that are absolutely not in line with the facts.
Erroneously, and even speciously, in fact, it has been reported that some of our members have been the victim of "Sports Mobbing" for the sole fact of putting them out pink for behaviors contrary to the regulation dictated by the Company that the correct conduct of respect for the choices techniques that an athlete, even if amateur, should have. On this subject, I would like to clarify that at present, for three consecutive weeks, some of our Company's Membership voluntarily did not show up for training and official competitions and, with their behavior, violated the obligations deriving from the membership that they signed at the start of the sports season. This is creating serious damage and discomfort to the company which must cope with the use of young athletes who, however, have been considered prepared also because of the excellent work done by our staff in the youth sector.
But the principle is not the victory on the field that, fortunately, is coming; but the default that the Tesseraate have had towards the company of which they belong. As mentioned, we talked about "Sports Mobbing" and even worse than "rotten" inside our company. Yet the facts that led the players to not present themselves to training sessions (for which they were regularly called) and, consequently, to official competitions have not been specifically indicated. All this voluntarily, thus going to undermine the regularity of the championship. A negative definition of a club was given without specifying the facts involved.

Our company, I would like to point out, is founded on sound principles and values ​​and it is not up to the players to enter into the merits of technical decisions and, even if it were, certain situations should be dealt with differently within the locker room and certainly not through a form of "protest" not allowed in the amateur field. We believe that no subject can define "rotten" the environment that gravitates around our company and to the people who are part of it and the undersigned, for this reason, will undertake to protect the interests of the Club in the face of sporting and civil justice because it is not correct to damage the image of a company that makes sporting value its workhorse.
It will therefore be my responsibility to proceed further and ascertain any responsibility regarding the facts indicated above.

The President
Dr. Davide Saccone

Enrico Manassero
Author: Enrico ManasseroEmail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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