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Interview with Martina Fusini

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It's called Martina Fusini and has 21 years. Comes from Florence, a city full of history and life.

Since she had 14 years, Martina has been able to express her sporting talent in the Florentine women's football environment, a very strong and dynamic reality. Fusini started playing with the shirt of Florence and with the same uniform has come to conquer the Spring Championship. Last year there was the extraordinary experience with Fiorentina Women's: for Martina, winning Scudetto and Coppa Italia was an unexpected and wonderful emotion.

Martina Fusini studies Motor Sciences at the University of Florence. He is a defender and this year he will play in the Empoli Ladies, where he presents himself with so much motivation and humility.

Hi Martina, you grew up in the Florentine football environment ... first the Florence, then the Fiorentina ... what did all these experiences leave you?

Playing in Florence for me has always been a source of pride, since it was the team of my city. Obviously it was an honor to wear the Fiorentina shirt, with which I spent a wonderful season, we achieved incredible results. I have grown a lot thanks to these experiences and in Empoli Ladies I would like to transmit what I have acquired over the years.

Soon you will start to train with your new friends ... how do you live this moment?

I am very confident. The environment of Empoli seems to me very welcoming and positive. I think I can find space to play. With Fiorentina I would have had a lot more difficulties, it's normal: the viola company has different goals and must set the job more demanding. In Empoli I will have the opportunity to have a nice season, living anyway with peace of mind. For me this aspect is fundamental, since I want to continue my studies at the University of Florence, where I study Motor Sciences. Among other things, one of my classmates is Rachele Baldi, the Empoli Ladies goalkeeper. I know also other girls of the team, because they too come from Florence: Cinotti, Esperti, Borghesi, Parrini ... Empoli's trainer, Alessandro Pistolesi, is a very competent and helpful person. I think it will be easy enough for me to join this nice group.

This year in Serie A there is a lot of Tuscany, with Fiorentina and Empoli. How do you see women's football in this region?

In our region the movement of women's football is developing and has excellent prospects. Fiorentina has reached the highest level of Serie A, Empoli has achieved a deserved promotion and in Serie B there is Florentia which is moving very well. The girls of the territory have the opportunity to play in various categories, from Serie C to Serie A. The situation has not always been this and the current state of things leaves hope for the future.

You are a defender. How is your way of playing?

Until today my ideal position has been that of the external defender with defense to 4 or 5. Someone says I'm good at the race, others claim that a lot about the technique. I'm definitely not looking for speed, but I'm strong on stamina and this aspect helps me a lot during the game.

Empoli Ladies Press Office

Enrico Manassero
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