Monday, 17th October 2016
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Interview with Silvia Vicenzi (Empoli Ladies)

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A few days ago the Empoli Ladies' Sports Director, Marco Landi, spoke about the need to find a goalkeeper, after the "exits" of Ilaria Leoni and Anna Landi, extreme defenders of the First Team and the Primavera.

The company has not wasted time. The arrival of Silvia Vicenzi is already official, class' 83, a great goalkeeper, who has lived the last 12 years of Serie A and has also played in the National Team.
Vicenzi was born in San Giovanni in Persiceto, in the province of Bologna, and grew up in Reggiana, before moving on to the Riviera di Romagna and finally to Chieti, the Abruzzese team in which the Di Camillo sisters militate.
Vicenzi will undoubtedly be a reference figure in the next season, thanks to the valuable advice that can be offered to his teammates: the Ladies, in addition to the enthusiasm for the debut in Serie A, can also count on the experience of a " veteran "of the highest Italian league.

Hi Silvia, your last football experience was in Chieti. How did it go?

The first season in Chieti was very nice: we brought for the first time a team from Abruzzo in Serie A. I have an indelible memory of the last Serie B match, won with Roma, the 22 May 2016: at the Angelini Stadium in Chieti there were 3000 spectators, there was a big party. This year, however, the season was very difficult: I was injured in Empoli, I had a broken fracture of ulna and radio. I've been out many months, but now the return is near.

You talked about Empoli. Why did you choose this company?

The company really made a good impression on me. In Chieti I had already met the General Manager of Empoli Ladies, Roberto Galoppi, who had spoken to me very well about the environment. I was lucky enough to meet the First Team goalkeeper, Rachele Baldi: we trained together once when I played at the Riviera di Romagna. I had to wait a bit 'of time before accepting the proposal of the blue company: I wanted to be sure to get back in shape to give my best. After that, finding the agreement with the company was quick. Together we can have a nice season.

How do you see the next championship?

I know the Serie A well. I have lived the last 12 years of this category. The entry of professional male teams is a very important factor for change. There are teams that are shifting the balance, I think in particular to Juventus. The Juventus club will have to put in place a totally new group and the first year could be difficult, as was the first year of Fiorentina Women's. Over time, however, certain teams can really make their mark. From my experience, I can say that the big difference between Serie A and B is in the mental strength with which you have to face the games: a solid and cohesive group is essential to have a good impact on the pitch.

About the field ... how do you like being on the pitch? What are your strengths?

Over the years, I have often played as an added defender, using my feet a lot. It is not easy for me to talk about my qualities: maybe I feel I have strong points, but the coaches see others. Undoubtedly the experience helps me a lot during the game.

Soon you will have the Empoli colors on, but you have already played with a blue shirt, that of Italy. Milena Bertolini has just been nominated as the new Technical Commissioner for the National Women's Major. Italy is missing at the World Cup for many editions ... can we get to France 2019?

Milena Bertolini is the woman who launched me in this sport and made me grow as a person. He trained me at the time of Reggiana, for well 6 years. Then Reggiana has not held up on an economic level and the company has had to drop from Serie A to Serie C. At that point we separated: I went to the Romagna Riviera, Milena to Brescia, where he trained until today. As a coach, Milena is complete, both from a tactical and technical point of view. In addition, he has worked in this field for many years and knows girls well: those who came before her, found a bit of difficulty precisely because they did not know the feminine movement well; now everything can work better. From my point of view, they could not make a better choice for the Italian national team. I obviously wish all the good possible both to Milena Bertolini and to the girls of the National team.

Interview by the Empoli Ladies company

Enrico Manassero
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