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The point of the Empoli Ladies market with the DS Marco Landi

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The Serie A is, by definition, a very competitive championship. The next Serie A will be more difficult than ever, if we look at the investments that many teams are doing, Juventus in the first place.

In this scenario, the newly promoted Empoli Ladies must move to achieve its fundamental goal: salvation. The Italian company has already dealt important market hits, thanks to the work of the coach Alessandro Pistolesi and the sporting director Marco Landi.
It is precisely the DS Landi who makes an initial assessment of the Ladies market in this interview. As is clear from the words of the DS, the Italian company is well aware of not having to work only on the First Team, but having to pay close attention to the younger levers.

How has the company market gone so far?

We are very satisfied: we managed to bring to Empoli all the girls we wanted for the next championship. We believe very much in Maria Luisa Filangeri and Benedetta Orsi, young and very promising players, already in the national team. Next year we will also have Caterina Bargi, top scorer in Group A of Serie B with 22 nets: she has always been at the top of the list of Pistolesi among the possible new arrivals. Even for Catherine will be the first year in Serie A and the girl has a good room for improvement. Also announced the arrival of Nicole Fabbroni, 2001 class, central defender: until today has played with a male team, the Virtus Bracciano, but she has already entered the national women's tour through various stages. It's one of our bets for next year, I strongly wanted it to arrive in blue.

In the Ladies market, there were also several outgoing movements.

We are happy for the Ladies who have decided to change team to try new experiences. To all of them, of course, we wish all the best possible. Marta Varriale, our central defender, will play in Serie A with Valpolicella, a company that should be linked to Chievo Verona. Ilaria Leoni, goalkeeper of our First Team, has been stopped a year because of a serious injury: next year he will play in Serie B with Florentia, a newly promoted company with a great sporting project; in that context, Ilaria should find the space to recover the right form and the right stimuli to get back to the former one. It will also be a very significant experience that of Anna Landi, the goalkeeper of our Primavera that passes to the First Team of Lucchese, in Serie B, for a free loan year: for Anna it is an important season, during which it will have the opportunity to grow a lot to prepare for higher level challenges.

Among the exits you talked about two goalkeepers, Leoni and Landi. How are you moving to fill these two empty seats?

It is one of the fundamental points of our market from now on, we have to work well. In the spring we have Giorgia Bulleri and in First Team Rachele Baldi. Obviously Baldi does not move from his place, is an essential pillar of the formation for Serie A. We must understand if Bulleri will remain in the spring or become the second goalkeeper for the First Team. In this way we will see if the need is to find new girls for the Primavera or the First Team and we will move accordingly.

About Spring ... how important is the Empoli Ladies to youth?

Our youths are of fundamental importance. As Sports Director, I am working very hard to enhance this part of our society. It is essential for us to work with the younger girls and accompany them on the path of maturation. The Empoli Ladies project is to represent, for women's football, what Empoli FC already represents for men's football: a society that gives young people the opportunity to play, grow and understand what their own can be future perspectives. Many of these girls will stay with us and play in the First Team. Others might decide to go and play in teams of the highest level, with budgets of completely different proportions: we would be happy, it means that we have worked well. Among other things, starting from the 2018 / 2019 season, the Primavera championship will become national: the general level of the teams will rise a lot. For each Serie A company, Primavera will become a sort of second First Team. In addition, from next year the Giovanissimi will go from Football to 7 to Football to 9: even in this case there can not be a strong progress of the whole environment. Finally, as of next year, as Empoli Ladies we will have a novelty: the football school, where they will play the girls born between 2007 and 2009.

How important is the technical contribution of Empoli FC for working with younger girls and girls?

Empoli FC makes a very important contribution. Empoli's men's youths have great prestige and are excellent. Since joining this company, Empoli FC staff have put all their knowledge on the subject at our disposal. The comparison with our staff is continuous and very productive. It is clear that the Empoli Ladies is well equipped inside: we can count on a staff of great competence and professionalism. I want to say one thing: the environment of Empoli FC gives, first of all, a very important possibility for personal growth. This is the spirit of society. Many of the players who played in Empoli FC come back here to work in the staff, maybe as coaches. When an environment gives you so much, do not forget it. It is called a sense of belonging.

To conclude ... are there any other market shots in sight?

Other reinforcements may come, we continue to work on this front, also because the women's football market will be turned on especially after the end of the Europeans. Let's see what we can do, in any case we are confident. We know that we will start the season with a rose that can make a good championship.

Interview by the Empoli Ladies company

Enrico Manassero
Author: Enrico ManasseroEmail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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