Sunday, 19 January 2020
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A CSI championship and two FIGCs to start the Academy Sassari Torres Femminile project

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Yesterday afternoon, the President Andrea Budroni, the Head of the Youth Sector Luca Rusani and the Sports Director Francesco Muggianu met the parents of the young athletes already rossoblù and those who wanted to grow up with this shirt.

Many new features compared to last season: a real grass training camp totally refurbished (back-tiered "Vanni Sanna" - Piazzale Segni) will be the basis for training and football championships at 9, the affiliation with the CSI , which we thank for the trust placed in us by the President Giuseppe Porqueddu, will add a competition and the opportunities to show off to the team and accumulate experience. Last but not least, the decision to dispute, in agreement with the Regional Committee, the Serie C regional soccer championship at 11.

The President Andrea Budroni: "We are an amateur team only because they are members of the National Amateur League but we have the duty to think and work as professionals. It will be Antonello Campus, formerly mister of many of the girls currently on the strength of the first team (Maria Grazia Ladu, Gloria Sotgia, Giada Sanna, Francesca Piras, Erica Razzu), and last year engaged with the youth sector of the GS Monserrato, he that will lead the group of the young rossoblù in a project of human development but also sport ".

Luca Rusani: "On the model of the biggest European football teams and strong partnership with the Fundaciòn Real Madrid, we decided to focus on the future. The way we have identified to do this has been to give the girls the opportunity to play as many games as possible, but above all to compete with 11 football with a view to gradually entering the first team. Give a new goal, a perspective that until now was missing for the Sardinian women's football movement. "

From today's day it will be possible, at the headquarters of via Coradduzza n.2, to register the girls who dream of becoming great with the two towers and two crosses on their chest. From the Company the commitment and the promise of growing together with them.

Sassari, 29 July 2017
Press office

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