Thursday, 6th October 2016
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January 14 2017

The very young in the field


This time the landing is in Celtic land! The transalpine cousins ​​reciprocate the hospitality received in his time receiving, in a climate of fraternal and warm twinning, the football players of Luserna Calcio. The opportunity is' greedy for the Italians. In fact, it is a matter of proving that even in a foreign land there are no inferiority complexes. Removed the blanket of snow, which abundantly covers the rectangle of play, we start after the national anthems.
Driven by the bitter cold both teams start the attack and certainly do not save. Our girls contrast well and often start on the break, touching the advantage several times, thanks to the filtering passages of Francesca Gallerati. Often it is the offside to save the French team and after numerous raids and shots on goal of the Italians go to the break even. At the restart is Sara Reggio, always very enterprising, with a lob in the rush to the crossbar. Immediately after Federica Camporelli, with a slash from the right, gives everyone the illusion of the advantage. The feeling is that the Italians can, at any moment, sink the transalpine battleship. Then, suddenly, what no one could have foreseen happens! A fairly casual goal of the landlords, due to an unrealistic Jade shooting that goes to the top where our goalkeeper certainly can not arrive. It ends, then, with a siege of the French fort; our athletes, pushed by the indefatigable incitement of the coach "Danco", try to take the Bastille that, unfortunately, this time fails. The Luserna, despite being defeated, comes out among the thunderous applause of the French public, aware of the undeserved defeat of the Italians. Despite our bitterness, it is still a nice page of sport, a party in friendship for all those who have intervened.

SPRING in the field


When the "spring" girls take to the field, the expectations of recovery are great! Arranged in the field with sagacity they launch forward generously, but risk immediately counterattack. The shivering course leads them to greater prudence, but it is only an appearance because 'on insistent and tenacious action of the Hippolytus takes the lead from the right wing. The young soccer player, struggling with character and generosity, overcomes the defending opponents of impetus, finally bagging in the network of landlords.
The reaction of the French is' angry and impetuous and forces our to fall back! The frost drops mighty from the ravines of the surrounding Alpine massifs and grips the joints of all bystanders. You go to rest with the Italians ahead. The recovery takes place initially in a context of substantial equivalence. Then a new descent in depth on the right, this time by Scarpelli who crosses the center for the Savatteri, which at first doubles inexorably! Patriot honor is safe!
The Gallic ranks are finally folded.
We have girded the head of the helmet of Scipio!


Editor / extender: Gallerati David / Pirozzi Salvatore
Photojournalist: Pirozzi Salvatore

San Bernardo Luserna press office

Enrico Manassero
Author: Enrico ManasseroEmail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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