Wednesday, October 16 2019
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Great day of women's football Primavera in Pinerolo with prestigious formations of the caliber Inter - Milan - Juventus - Luserna - Sanremese and Pinerolo. Nice day and good turnout of the public; in the morning they are

two triangles were carried out, assisted by arbitration trenches which gave rise to the afternoon finals. Excellent formation of Inter who wins the tournament without betraying everyone's expectations, emphasizing his first position in the group of Lombardy, also excellent performance of Pinerolo who yesterday was in his best appearance and began to look at the national finals juniors beating the Milan and the Sanremese 2-0 without any trouble. Probably pay of the result obtained have not expressed the same quality of play in the final and have suffered the greater professionalism of the Inter in the first half closed the game and the tournament with a dry 4-0. The Pinerolesi only shook themselves in the second half but they never worried too much about the formation of Mr. Naplone, who in the final obtained the fifth signing. Good Inter, but also the Pinerolo team, who playing like this in the morning, will be able to take a lot of satisfactions in his championship and get ready for the season finale.

These are the results:

Juventus - Luserna 2-0
Inter - Luserna 3-0
Inter - Juventus 2-0

Pinerolo - Milan 2-0
Sanremese - Milan 2-0
Pinerolo - Sanremese 2-0

FINAL third-fourth place
Juventus - Sanremese 3-0

FINAL first-second place
Inter - Pinerolo 5-0

01Pin Tournament

Enrico Manassero
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