Saturday, 07 December 2019
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The Super Cup remains in Brescia

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Official Verona 1617
The Lombards aggudicate the third consecutive Super Cup with two goals in the second half.

The new season for women's football begins as the old one ended, that is with the super challenge between Brescia and Agsm Verona. The two teams that next week will represent Italy in Europe will face the Bassano neutral in the Italian Super Cup, and as per tradition Longega is forced to present itself to the big-match with a formation again decimated by injuries. Outside the former Boattin, Captain Gabbiadini and the Greek Kongouli.

The first conclusion to the eleventh is Brescia with Cernoia that from the distance called Thalmann to the corner deviation.
The Lombards maintain a greater possession of the ball but it reaches the 23 ° to see the conclusion to the side of Bonansea.
Verona responds to 28 ° with Giugliano receiving Williams' assist and from a good position he kicks high over the crossbar.
Piedmont tries from the edge but his conclusion is central to Marchitelli's easy save.
It goes to the interval to scoreless after 45 'fought but with very few net chances.
The outline of the match does not change either in the second half with the more proactive Brescia and the Verona voted on the counterattack.
Sabatino at 10 ° wins a rebound but his conclusion ends high.
Bruinenberg answers with a shot that can not scare Marchitelli.
Very confusing the conclusion of Bonansea with Thalmann who is saved with the help of the crossbar.
At the 16 'Brescia in the lead: Girelli takes the post, resumed Sabatino that leaves no way out to Thalmann.
Longega tries everything for everything and throws the young forward Pasini in the fray in substitution of Soffia.
Girelli dall'una, and Piedmont twice on the other side, try the conclusions without success.
Thalmann's miracle at the 38 ° on the sure shot of Cristiana Girelli. Brescia leads the dances but the result remains in the balance on the small advantage for swallows.
At the 43 ° we try the Spanish Carro but its gored this time is too weak.

At the end of the other side Daniela Sabatino perfectly embodies sending the ball to the pole where Thalmann can not get for the two Bresciano zero that closes the games.

The Supercoppa remains for the third consecutive year in Brescia after the victories on penalties on Verona and Tavagnacco.
For the Verona Agsm a fair race in a defensive key but in front of the heavy absences, there is still a lot to work on.
The Gialloblù are expected Saturday in Jesi for the debut in the league and immediately after the departure for Kazakhstan in the Champions League.

Networks: St. 16 'Sabatino, 45 ° Sabatino

Brescia: Marchitelli, Gama, D'Adda, Salvai, Fuselli, Cernoia, Mele (24 'st. Mele), Rosucci, Bonansea, Girelli, Sabatino.
Available: Ceasar, Manieri, Lenzini, Eusebio, Serturini, Ghisi, Pezzotta.
Coach: Milena Bertolini.

Agsm Verona: Thalmann, Dolstra, Galli, Carro, Di Criscio, Giugliano, Soffia (18 'St. Pasini), Piedmont (32' St. Osetta), Bruinenberg, Rodella, Williams.
Available: Preuss, Gabbiadini, Kongouli, Boattin, Pasini, Nichele, Osetta.
Coach: Renato Longega.
Referee: Deborah Bianchi di Parma
Assistants: Beatrice Toschi of Imola and Marika Tumedei of Forlì
Notes: Tereno in good condition, hot and sunny day, about a thousand inspectors.

Bassano del Grappa (VI).

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