Wednesday, 22 January 2020
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San Zaccaria, official statement of the company regarding the news of a merger with the Riviera di Romagna

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sanzaccaria communicated
With regard to the news circulated in recent weeks concerning an alleged merger with the Riviera di Romagna, the company USD San ​​Zaccaria wants to clarify that this situation has no basis in reality. In this regard, the company wishes to clarify that there has been no merger between the two associations, also because all this could never happen so quickly from the federal point of view. The Amateur Sports Union San Zaccaria continues to have its own freshman and a life in its own right compared to that of any other sports club.

"We are always the San Zaccaria and that's it," comments President Rinaldo Macori. "Recently, Dario Fantini has entered the company framework, but it is wrong to think that this is a merger as it has been written on many media organizations misinterpreting our first press release".
In reality, the project of the company of President Macori and of the sports director Fausto Lorenzini embraces a much wider horizon. "It is useless for us to hide: we are the only female Serie A company in the province of Ravenna and more generally in the whole of Emilia Romagna. We want to grow and to do so we can not remain closed in our small and beautiful small garden. Enlarging our horizons is fundamental and to be able to do so we needed energy and the entry of Dario Fantini between the managerial boards goes in this direction. He is a very experienced soccer player and above all he is a person able to bring ideas and projects that can be exploited by our society in this growth path ".
A path that now takes the name of "Progetto Ravenna Calcio Femminile" with a specific goal. "We want to grow and struggle with important companies like Verona, Brescia and Fiorentina. To carve out this role we need to work and do it all together - Macori continues - and this is a first step to get as soon as possible to give all the Ravenna a women's football team in Serie A that can give to all of them the dream of fighting for a championship that Romagna has never had the pleasure of celebrating ".

USD San ​​Zaccaria
Press office
Daniele Pompignoli
338 - 3048776

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