Friday, 15 May 2015
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0Serena Acolytes

The 2016 / 17 sports season is now quite outlined for the Serie B Championship and also for the Italian Cup, in fact the groups have been announced.
The athletic preparation of the First Team will begin the 18 August and in the meantime the staff continues in the contacts aimed at enriching the staff. The ACF announces that it has concluded the negotiations for some new engagements among the ranks of the Grisonsere.
Mister Cantone in the next Championship will be able to count on two new players of character and with good technique, both coming from the province of Pavia.
Serena Acolytes, 1999 class, a powerful outdoor striker who has played for ten years in men's clubs and has spent the last two years wearing ASR Voghera's tunic in Serie C.
Giulia Dabusti, born in 1996, a granitic central defender who has spent the years of Youth in men's teams and then moved on to the women playing in the North Voghera and subsequently playing in the ASD Voghera in Serie C.
New arrival also in the Primavera team, in fact Mister Barbesino will have available Valentina Bertone: born in 2001, resident in the province of Pavia, is a central defender with good technical qualities, has played for four years in Pinarolese, a year in North Voghera and l last championship in the Casteggio.

Simona Borelli

In the photo above: Serena Acolytes

In the photos below: Giulia Dabusti and Valentina Bertone with the coach Barbesino

0Giulia Dabusti

0Valentina Bertone

Enrico Manassero
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