Thursday, 6th October 2016
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Press release Cuneo

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It will be held, tomorrow, Tuesday 2 August at the National Federal Court of the FIGC, Section for Economic Warnings, the hearing resulting from the appeal against the resolution of the Committee for Tendering (CU N. 11 / E of 20.06.2016) presented by Cuneo Calcio Calcio, assisted and defended byLawyer Nicola Schellino of the Court of Cuneo. The facts.
Il Cuneo Women's Soccer, registered for the 2014 / 2015 sports season in the Serie A championship, he was wearing a multi-year bond in September 2014, a young soccer player (at the time of 16-year-olds) who until the previous season had played in the ranks of a mixed composition football team, enrolled in a FIGC championship, youth and school sector.
Rules in hand, given the age limits provided for, this membership in favor of a women's football club, was the only possibility to allow the player to continue its activity within the FIGC, as well as being a great possibility in consideration of the fact that the Wedge It turns out to be military in serious A. And indeed, the technical rules provide that the girls kickers, exhausted the possibility for age limits to take part with the boys in the category "Giovanissimi", come to be faced with a fork: stop their business sports football or search for a female team with which you can sign up and continue the activity. At this same junction the young soccer player in question was found.
At the beginning of the year 2016, the girl voluntarily abandoned the sport activity at the Cuneo Calcio Femminile after just 5 presences in a year and a half and began to perform the activity of coach / manager at the team where she had previously militant, the same one that today asks for the preparation prize.
A few months later, the Cuneo Women's Soccer received a request for payment of the preparation premium pursuant to art. 96 NOIF on the part of the team where he had previously militated the girl. This sports association, insisting on its claim, then proceeded to appeal to the FIGC Committee of the FIGC and it was recognized, by resolution of that body, a sum as a preparation bonus.
"It is paradoxical - highlights the President of the Cuneo Calcio Femminile - the fact that the Cuneo Women's Soccer, in case of rejection of the appeal by the Federal Supreme Court, it will be forced, unless a new challenge, to pay the preparation premium in favor of an association in which the player could no longer be carded and to which she now lends concrete support. It is evident that the mechanism of the preparation prize between women's football teams and men's football needs an intervention able to overcome paradoxical situations such as the one in which we find ourselves ".
Of the same opinion theLawyer Nicola Schellino: "It would be appropriate to intervene on the point of the legislative bodies of the Federation as the application of Article 96 NOIF in situations like this is likely to bring many girls, once the sporting activity with male peers in the field juvenile and scholastic of the FIGC, to abandon the sporting practice as "prisoner" of the sum of money due as a premium of preparation, and this without a doubt of the primary objective of the FIGC for the juvenile age, that is to stimulate the development of football practice ".
"We hope - commented Luca Vargiu, manager of the Cuneo Calcio Femminile - that the appeal presented to the National Federal Court can serve to seriously address the issue, I believe that women's football deserves better protection and consideration".

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Enrico Manassero
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