Another kick is possible: the yellow-green story of Sara Lucci

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The Gialloverde History is a concrete path realized thanks to the support of the Grifone Gialloverde and of the project Un Altro Calcio è Possibile. It is a history of sport, a story of life, it is a story to be told as an example, to spread and enhance the values ​​and teachings that can come from the sports world and through football.
Yellow-green impact: what did you find in the Griffin as a company?

Becoming part of the Grifone Gialloverde represented for me a second football life, given that serious injuries and some personal disappointment led me to hang "my favorite shoes". It all happened very naturally and it also helped me to face a new knee operation. Today I can say I am well and for this I have to thank the Company and in particular the Technical Director Berruti and Jarir, the physiotherapist of the company. They in particular but all the yellow-green environment supported and supported me. Both in the staff and in the team I found people I already knew and this has certainly facilitated everything. The biggest incentive for me is to be able to give my contribution in the growth path of girls, having so much experience to give. Today finally, thanks to the Griffin, all this is possible.

Have you overcome a difficult injury, what did this experience teach you and what did football (sport) teach you in general? Resilience. Sport has taught me to feel good in the world, to manage human relationships, to face difficulties, to overcome disappointments and to understand that we learn more from a defeat than from a victory. A modern mantra says: "Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try again. Fail again. Fail better.". This phrase, this concept, fully reflects me and that's what I think sports can teach.
The Griffin is engaged in social responsibility projects. He is always at the forefront of solidarity initiatives trying to concretely interpret the motto "Another football is possible".

What do you think are the values ​​that distinguish the club? The thing that struck me most and I want to emphasize is the desire of the club to always put in front of all the interest in the growth of athletes and athletes. The goal is to see better players / players at the end of the year, from a technical point of view, but above all in behavior, education, respect for themselves and others.

An Other Football is Possible is a unique project of its kind, unique in the concreteness of the initiative, the projects, the events and precisely the #StorieGialloverdi, starting from mine. "Another football" is something that is built only if there are people behind who have the desire to do it mixed with so much passion. What I found here at the Yellow-Green Gryphon.

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