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In the last championship, the victory for 2-0 against the Citadel, the central defender returned to the bench after a long injury that kept him away from the field.
In the last championship you returned to the bench after the injury. An important step to return to play finally. How was it for an agonist like you not to be on the green rectangle so long?

"It's always difficult, difficult because I was really getting ready this summer to get involved for this season, but unfortunately luck is not on my side. A new crack stopped me for a long time, do not start with the team in August (fatalities have started the day I worked there😂) It was not bad, but more, but they say I'm a tough girl, tenacious and not so easily and this was, I came back and I returned fatality in a derby and in a field where, practically, I made my career from the youth sector to Serie A, so it was even more an emotion ».

How do you feel physically?

"Physically, I feel very good, finally. I had a winter a little 'in difficulty because unfortunately the cold certainly did not help me. Now the knee holds great and does not give me problems. Of course, before you get to the top of the form it takes a lot of time. But passion, character and heart make the difference in these cases ».

Unfortunately you had the chance to see your classmates from the outside. How do you rate Fortitudo so far?

«Fortitude with a lot of technique and tactics, unfortunately on some occasions the character and the desire are simply missing. But we are a very close group both inside and outside the field and the group always makes the difference ».

I think that in a few at the beginning of the season they would have expected the Gialloblù to be so competitive. In your opinion, what does this mean?

"Girls and staff with the desire to overcome their limits and to continue to do well for themselves and personal pride. All the staff have done a good job since August to get ready for the top to make a championship in the best way ».

Second place on equal points with Empoli. What will this team need to maintain this position and continue in the enterprise?

"At Fortitudo nothing is missing, if we put this" crazy heart "always, we can make a difference on any occasion."

Now that you're back, what are your goals for this season finale and for the next one?

"My first goal I have already achieved, heal and return to the field. Other goals are certainly to try to make as many minutes as possible, but the greatest to stay there in that second place: Serie A ».

Besides you, even other girls have been a bit persecuted by physical ailments but despite this you are there. A confirmation of how much the rose is valid in its entirety?

"Unfortunately, this year we are not very lucky due to injuries, especially because they are very long injuries. But the company has done a good job this summer and if a girl is missing, the role is already covered ".

Riccardo Cannavaro
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