Wednesday, May 22 2019
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A warrior in the Genoa Women: Silvia Nietante is told

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Membership team, role in the field and year of birth?
Milito in Genoa Women, midfielder born in 1990.

When was your passion for football born?
I do not think that it can be considered as the birth of a passion. I think it's football that has chosen me. I tried several activities before arriving at the only one that certainly belonged to me.
Since I was a child everything that had a spherical shape became the center of my attention. My family, surrendered, had to accompany me to the camp near the house at the age of 8.

What does this sport represent for you?
It is the most beautiful sport in the world.
And it's not just sports, it's a master of life. There are so many nuances, beautiful or ugly they are, in football and in everything that goes around us,
that only knowing and dealing with them is equivalent to increasing one's own person.
The sense of belonging is also wonderful, being part of something where what is worth and what matters is you and what you can do.
At the end of everything, but at the beginning of everything, I enjoy playing football now like 20 years ago in the same way.

What are the emotions?
The swirl of emotions that I felt during my experience passes from head to toe and then start again.
I felt the joy in the last minute goal, I felt the sadness for the missed last minute goal.
I felt the anger of those Sundays in which nothing turns, and I felt the will for those Sundays in which everything runs well.
I felt the pain of injuries and I felt invincible when after months of rehabilitation I return to the field.
I begged the fortune to let us score the penalty, then the misfortune to make it wrong to the opponents.

Can you tell us about your career up to now?
As I said, I started very early, I had 8 years and, after my mother had me cross the street, I went alone to the pitch after training the Goliardica.
I made the Giovanissime and then grow in the spring of the Athletic Albaro. Subsequently I made the jump in series B with the Bogliasco Pieve, that year we won the category and we went up in series A2.
I chose then not to follow the team of Bogliasco now become Molassana and go down in the category for Valpolcevera. I stayed there for a few years and then moved further to Real Arenzano and to Lagaccio where I stayed until the 2016.
Then I chose the Serie A in Cuneo for a year to return to Liguria in the Lavagnese and finally here in Genoa Women.

How long have you been playing in Genoa?
It's my first season.
I welcomed the project with open arms since I was introduced by the presidents,
we have had difficult moments and there will be many others, but I'm sure the results will not be long in coming.

What does this society represent for you?
Genoa is definitely my team, I can not consider a fan as the type would like, but there are no other colors that blue red in my heart.
The Genoa is that gift that you do in circumstances when one does not know what to give and you hear say "go to the Genoa Store and get something, do not be sure".
The Genoa Women is the same, the women's movement is growing, it's not easy, it's a long process, but we're getting there.
At least I like to think so!

What player do you think?
I live in the magical world of Holly and Benjie, where everything is possible even at the last second of the last minute so I never give up.
I'm sure there is always something to learn and I try to be available to the team and the coach.

Your strengths and weaknesses in the field?
Just as I am impulsive in life, in football I should be able to read the game situations with more tranquility managing run and emotions.
I try to always be positive and help the companions.

Can you talk about yourself in the round?
I love my life, I love my family, I really like my job and the football crown and surrounds everything.
I am looking for stability and tranquility in life, I am an ambitious person linked to affections.

Future projects?
I tend to live fairly on the present, my view hardly brings me too far.
From football I will always try to get everything I can give me and I will always try to give everything I have until we both get tired of each other or vice versa.
From life the same if not much more.

Do you have a particular motto to inspire you?
Who does not fail.
I think this is a mantra of primary importance, to try and try and if you fall, get up.

Enrico Ferranti.
Photo: Ramella Fazzari Photography

Author: Enrico Ferranti Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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