Friday, January 24 2020
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Francesca Signori: "We have the right cards to do well in every race"

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Francesca, the lioness of the Gialloblù midfield who took the starting spot last season with excellent performances, has finally returned to the field. After getting hurt during the second week of preparation (tearing of 3 cm to the quadriceps femoris, ed), she entered the field in the outdoor match with Inter.

Francesca, Sunday you are finally back on the field after your injury. I imagine that for a gritty footballer like you, it's hard to stay out. How much have you missed the green rectangle and your companions?

"Being out is never easy, especially when it happens at the beginning of the season and you're ready to start seeing that there are also new companions, new goals and new incentives. In the end you accept the situation and the thought passes from despondency to the desire to return. After the injury I made the stem cells, a small intervention to promote the healing of the tear. I did exercises in the pool, I started training with the team at the beginning of November and now I'm here again. "

Unfortunately, your return coincided with a setback, the defeat with Inter (6-0, ed). Inter proved not to be rivals, but do you think the absences have actually weighed?

«Yes, it was a return with a bang we say. As for Inter you can not fail to recognize their skill, of course we could certainly have done better and, perhaps, with the whole team would have been different; you can not know, however, it is certain that these are situations that make everyone grow, because after defeats you change attitude ".

Can the result also be linked to character reasons?

"Of course, I think the head weighed a lot on the performance. We have to be quieter in these games and try to play as we know how to do. They are strong and physically very structured and prepared, but we must learn how to better manage emotions in games like that. "

Morally how do you react to a defeat like that? Head clear and you think about the next game?

«From a moral point of view it is allowed to think about the performance until Tuesday, then we move on and think about the following Sunday. There are other games to play. After this match we bring with us the lessons we had from the performance to improve ourselves in the next matches ».

Now that you're back in the field what do you want to achieve from this season on a team level and, above all, on a personal level?

"There are important team goals to which we all strongly believe, because we recognize our value and our potential. From a personal point of view it is a continuous effort to improve and, who knows, also to return to the field from the first minute ».

The ranking is short and difficult, but you have a game less than the other teams. Will you feel the pressure of the result or will you face the game with the awareness of all that has been done so far?

«We will face the next game with the same mentality that has distinguished us in this first part of the championship, aware that the result is important but also that we have the right cards to do well every Sunday; and above all, aware of our crazy heart ".

Riccardo Cannavaro
Photo: Graziano Zanetti Photographer
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