Tuesday, December 10 2019
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A smile for Alma Finessi

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A wonderful smile and a great desire to live distinguish Alma Finessi, a two-year-old girl suffering from cerebral pseudo-palsy paralysis that, with her parents Cristina and Fabio, lives in Tresigallo. Despite the difficulties, the family does not lose the will to always fight alongside their Alma.

We need - however - concrete aid for the cures and aids, only partially supported by the national health system, and that often put in difficulty the parents of this child: it is no coincidence that the birth of the "Il Mondo di Alma" Beneficial Committee aims to raise funds through the generosity of anyone who wants to work in support of this noble cause.

Eleonora Goldoni did not wait until she responded with a gesture of solidarity that is worth more than any word, demonstrating - once again - all her greatness even outside the rectangle of play: the blue champion, Saturday 12 January, He visited (in their home in Tresigallo) Alma and his family, bringing as a gift his national jersey which will be auctioned for the purpose of raising funds.

"This meeting was very touching," urges Goldoni, "I found a child smiling and who has a great desire to live, to play, would like to talk and feel like his peers.I do not consider Alma different but special just for his specialty and, despite not knowing it, he conquered me and I already love her ".

"Too often we complain - and I speak above all in the first person - for what we lack and we do not have, we do not even appreciate the small things and the many fortunes we have", continues the player. "This beautiful girl opens my eyes and teaches me to be grateful for what I have. I have access to the desire and the desire to help her - in my small way - that's why I decided to donate her my national game shirt that will be auctioned in order to raise money to pay for the treatment.

The parents are doing everything to carry out the treatment, rehabilitation to allow their daughter to live like everyone but the costs are often heavy and it is for this reason that I want to help her concretely, trying to involve as many people as possible. Alma is a force of nature and has every right to live a normal life as much as possible: everyone needs support ".

An important support from Eleonora Goldoni: the Ferrara forward really achieves, through this context of solidarity, a wonderful network.

To contribute through donations, this is the Iban code: IT550615567370000000007441. Enrico Ferranti.

Author: Enrico Ferranti Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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