Tuesday, January 21 2020
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Alexa Benincaso: Fortitudo Mozzecane with a lot of heart and character

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Alexa Benincaso, who landed at Fortitudo this year, has already shown that she can direct the Gialloblù midfield. Technique, ability to possess ball and synergy with other partners. Team characteristics that allowed the Gialloblù to take home the first victory of the new series B.
Alexa, finally in the last game you have shown who is Fortitudo and how to play.

"I have just arrived and we are many new, but I was told that Fortitudo is a team with character and heart. In this match it has been demonstrated and, moreover, I also think that we had that bit of luck that we missed in previous races. We prepared with commitment, the coach put us in a position to get to know the other team and we were well on the pitch. There was so much concentration on our part but, despite this, we took 3 goal, so we have to be even more careful. It must be said that we also had the character of returning to the advantage and winning. Under certain points of view it was a perfect match, under others less so there is still work to do ».

The three points came with the team that played better among those encountered so far. A team that plays openly enhances your qualities?

"I think that with our way of playing, so with the desire to always have the ball between the feet and look for quick exchanges between the lines, as it makes us play mister, exalts our qualities; then if we meet a team that does not close behind, is not low but plays good football, then our qualities come out even more and is born, as in the case of the match against Cesena, a great game ».

Technical and gaming qualities are evident. Are there any lack of concreteness and cynicism?

«There is a lack of concreteness. We have worked a lot in preparation and we are still doing it. The rhythms are good and the work is a lot, so I think the heat, the desire to do well and also the fact that we are a new team can sometimes lead to lack of clarity. We are growing from this point of view. The offensive phase makes us understand how much we are united and cohesive, because it is a phase that invests all the eleven players in the field. We are a team that attacks corally, in a united way. We must work to be more cynical and to defend better as a team, to suffer less ».

Your style of play goes well with that of the other yellow-blue midfielder and with what the technician wants?

"We are many who can fill more roles. It's easy to play with girls like that, who like to always have ball on their feet but also to play simple. The style that the coach wants, and that also my department-mates like, is this, and I really like it. It makes me express better. The coach makes us play proactively and gives each of us the opportunity to express the best qualities we have. Certainly I have to adapt still more to his way of seeing football and all my companions, but with this game our talents are enhanced ".

The three points won will make you face the next with Arezzo with more awareness of your strength?

"Yes, we will be more aware. As with Cesena, also in the next part, beyond the desire to win there will be the awareness of being able to do it. Our goal is to win them all, from here to the end; it is not impossible, it depends only on us, so we must be charged, concentrated and think of one Sunday at a time ".

Did you have football models for your evolution as a player?

«I have always been lucky to play with professional players, beyond the category. I'm also taking a lot of players smaller than me now. But I do not hide that, in terms of personal growth, the two years at Valpolicella have meant a lot to me. Valentina Boni, besides many other players, has meant a lot for me and my growth ».

Riccardo Cannavaro
Photo: Graziano Zanetti Photographer
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