Sunday, May 31 2020
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Eleonora Goldoni wins the prestigious Hero of the week

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In the local sports scene, Eleonora Goldoni is - undoubtedly - a flagship. The Italian player has won the Contest "Hero of the week" with 1602 votes and is yet another result of prestige for the striker from Ferrara who plays in the Lady Buccaneers.

The competition took into consideration all the players of Division One of the United States for the performances carried out in the week of 25 October 2018 (for Eleonora two goals and an assist in the last round of the championship).
"If I think of the greatness and importance of this Contest", Goldoni's words, "it is a victory of immense value and of extreme importance, I would never have expected to be selected among all the American players and, even, to arrive at to win".

"I want to thank all those who have placed their trust", continues Eleonora, "all the support that has been behind me in these days has been unique and touching, the affection of the fans is fundamental in the career of every sportsman / a: it is fascinating and represents something unique, this victory I want to dedicate to all those who have voted for me, but also to all those who support me and who believe in me every day, appreciating what I am and all my efforts and sacrifices ".

"Our" Eleonora Goldoni is always a great example to follow: in addition to the facts and excellent results in the field, you never get away from autographs, photos, messages, but above all so many advice to its supporters who are really many: "For me they are a precious gift and I always try to take care of them, they are very important and have an immense value in what is my path ... They deserve that all the affection is reciprocated and recognized, for this I care make me feel and respond as soon as I can, most of them do not know them and they do not know me, but a strong bond has been created that accompanies us in every activity we do.The hashtag created by them is #lontanimavicini, and it is really true: the distance is relative, they are so far on the map but so close and present in every circumstance ".

Enrico Ferranti.

Author: Enrico Ferranti Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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