Monday, May 11 2015
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Chiara Liberti, spring goalkeeper Torino cf: "a dream? the national category "

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Exclusive interview with Chiara Liberti, 2000 class, goalkeeper of the Torino Calcio Femminile, natural talent in soccer in pink and young emerging reality, with good prospects for a future of protagonist.
Hello Clare, first of all congratulations for the prizes as best goalkeeper obtained in the prestigious Spring Tournament "Girls Cup" in Alba at the end of April and in the Palio dei Quartieri in Rosa last week in Pianezza.

"It was an incredible satisfaction, I am very happy for the awards received and I share them with joy with all my friends of the Primavera, with my coach Fulvio Francini and my trainers Maurizio Montano and Chelo Tomasin, who helped me a lot during the long and tiring agonistic season ".

What are your expectations, what would you like for the near future?
"I would like my team to qualify for the national stages of the Primavera championship, to face the strongest teams in Italy. And then I think that receiving a convocation in the national representative would be a fantastic dream. "

What will be the main objective of your next season?
"This year I have played more than 50 matches between Serie B championship, Primavera championships and Tournaments of category and with my companions we arrived at the end of the season all very tired, it is natural. As I said, I would like, after years of good but useless placements for the next phases, to win the Primavera championship "

Is there a goalkeeper to inspire you?
"I like playing outside the stakes, exchanging the ball on the ground with our teammates: Manuel Neuer is the best goalkeeper in the world with these characteristics, a champion like him is a model for everyone".

Thanks Chiara for the chat. Goodbye, see you next time.

Enrico Manassero

Enrico Manassero
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